Liam’s Sleeping Routine with Cocoonababy


Thinking about my first night at home with Liam and it is not the best memory. I remember how tired I was after birth and because my milk did not come that time  and the poor baby screamed of hunger. I was so terrified that it will be like that every day. Well, lot of things have changed since.

The routine got better and easier. Of course I still have to feed at night and Liam wakes up because of his sore tummy but in general we are very blessed. I though regret one thing. I should have got this wonderful product much sooner. My friend Christina told me about it when I was expecting but at the time I did not pay much attention. I was hoping that my baby will be one of those that will sleep like an angel for hours (how naive I was back then). And plus with all the things we had to buy I saw this as an extra cost. However, Cocoonababy is worth every penny. It is worth to buy it no matter how much expenses you already have as nobody gives you that extra hour or two of sleep.

Cocoonababy is something I started to look into when Liam was waking up at night because of winds. We know lot of babies suffer however he was up so many times a night and I heard stories from people around me how their babies sleep 5-6 hours straight. Oh, what a dream!

It is design in a way to help the baby transition from womb to this world. Thanks to the curved posture and ergonomic design it reminds them being in the womb and gives them security and comfort. And it helps a lot when babies have bad reflux. I really wish I had this from the start but still in general things have improved. We have now more nights when Liam sleeps 5-6 hours straight and he is 2 months and those hours are such a blessing.

I am so happy we are using this now as it really improved the whole routine and I sleep longer and better. I am happily joining all those people that gave this product positive reviews and want to tell you that there is no need to see this as an extra expense. Nobody will give you extra sleep so this really is worth it.

Kdyz tak vzpominam na prvni noc doma, kdyz jsem prisla z porodnice tak to nejsou moc prijemne vzpominky. V Britanii jdete na druhy den po porodu domu a nikdo mi nic moc nerekl. Prvni noc byla krusna, nenastoupilo mi jeste mleko a Liam kricel hlady celou noc. Byla jsem jeste tak vycerpana po porodu, ze jsem se desila po teto noci vubec vstoupit do loznice. Prislo mi, ze se loznice zmenila v mucirnu. Nastesti se od te doby hodne zmenilo.

Jedne veci ale opravdu lituju a to ze jsem si neporidila Cocoonababy hned od zacatku. Moje kamaradka Christina o tom skladala basne, ale uz tak ma clovek tolik vydaju, kdyz ceka miminko a tak jsem to vydela jako dalsi utracene penize. A to byla chyba, protoze je to uzasny produkt. A dobry spanek navic vam jako nove mamince nikdo neda. Liam spi docela dobre, ale budil se mozna vice nez jsem slysela od druhych maminek a hlavne ho trapily prdiky. A tak jsem zacala vyhledavat na internetu, co by nam mohlo v noci pomoci, abych taky mohla jednou rict, ze nas prcek spal pet ci sest hodin v kuse. A recenze na tento produkt byly jenom pozitivni. 

Je to opravdu skoda, ze jsem to nepouzivala od zacatku. Design je zkratka udelany tak, ze miminku pripomina pozici v deloze a navic pomaha miminkum, ktery maji spatny reflux. Liam ma ted dva a pul mesice a Cocoonababy pouzivam asi dva tydny a od te doby mam mnohem vice tech noci, kdy spi az 6 hodin v kuse a opravdu se budi mene. Dokonce se budi mene i na jidlo. Prijde mi, ze se vzdy zklidni kdyz ho do Coocoonaby polozim. 

Opravdu dobry spanek vam nikdy nezaplati a proto se nebojte trosku investovat, protoze u nas Cocoonababy skutecne zabral.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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