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When I was planning to buy stuff during my pregnancy I was totally lost. I had zero time to do any research but luckily I have friends. My friend Christina introduced me to Snuzpod as a must have thing. You probably read an article about Liam’s nursery however he is too small to sleep on his own so Snuzpod was a great choice to stay in our bedroom until he is old enough to sleep alone in the nursery.

And I am glad I got it. Firstly the size is perfect as it is not too big or too small and it is so light that during the day I just take it to the living room and use it instead of the moses basket. That is one thing I did not need to buy and saved money. Snuzpod is mainly great for people that want to co-sleep and they can do it safely this way. You can literally open the side of Snuzpod and extend it to your bed. I must admit the first week or so Liam refused to stay on his own so he slept in our bed but the last two weeks were much better and he stays in his Snuzpod crib all night.

Another fantastic thing is that you can rock it and it is so light that sometimes I catch myself in the middle of the night rocking him with literally one finger. LOL You can use this from birth up to 6 months when babies are old enough to stay in their own room anyway. And on the plus side it has got a nice little storage shelf at the bottom where you can keep whatever you need at night. We all know it probably means nappies and baby wipes.

And if you like super stylish bedding and touch a luxury you can also get their Snuzpod bedding sets that just look fantastic.

I can recommend Snuzpod to all mummies and you can get your own one with unique discount code here – SNUZGLAM10.

Kdyz jsem si planovala co si poridit pro miminko behem tehotenstvi, tak jsem nemela moc casu a za druhe me absolutne nebavilo delat nejaky prukzum trhu. Nastesti mam kamaradky, ktere jiz deti maji a na radu Christiny jsem si poridila i tuhle uzasnou vecicku Snuzpod. Uz jste mohli cist clanek o Liamove nursery, ale zatim je maly a nespava sam a tak do loznice byl Snuzpod nejlepsi reseni. Je to vlastne takova postylka/kolebka, ktera se da na strane otevrit a tim vlastne prodlouzite postel a muzete spat se svou ratolesti. Mala miminka zkratka neradi spi samotna a tak je pro hodne lidi tohle idealni reseni.

Ja se priznam, ze prvni tyden ci dva s nama spal maly v posteli, protoze jsem si tak nejak zvykali a nechtel byt zkratka sam, ale poslednich par dni spi ve Snuzpodu celou noc. Vubec jsem si neporizovala ani kos pri miminka, protoze snuzpod je tak lehky, ze si ho klidne prenesu pres den do obyvaku a navic funguje i jako kolebka. Konstrukce je tak lehka, ze se nekdy nacapam v noci jak ho kolebam jednim prstem. Hehe 

Dole je navic ulozny prostor, kde si nechavam prebalovaci podlozku, protoze by se mi v noci nechtelo asi prechazet do vedlejsi mistnosti a pouzivat ospala prebalovaci pult. No clovek se zkratka uci rychle a zvyka si. 

Opravdu muzu Snuzpod doporucit vsem maminkam. A pokud se vam libi, muzete si koupit ten svuj s unikatnim slevovym kodem tady – SNUZGLAM10.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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