Lingerie Style Dresses

You know I mentioned so many times how much I love lingerie style clothes. Yes, sometimes people make comments that I am wearing a nightie however I think they are gorgeous. Since I have seen Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss wearing amazing LV number I have been searching for something similar. And Zara as always is giving me so many options. I fell in love with few dresses but this one in particular. My friends and colleague said it is pretty much a nightie so I am a bit hesitant now to get it. What do you think?

Vite, ze uz jsem nekolikrat zminovala, ze miluju krajkou lemovane topy a obleceni. Ale taky se mi stalo, ze se lide ptali, zda jsem se zapomnela prevleci z pyzama. Ale kdyz se mi tak libi a od te doby, co jsem zahlidla Victorii Beckham a Kate Moss v uzasnych LV satech mam na podobne zalusk. A Zara nas jako obvykle zaplavila. Tyhle saty se mi libi obvzlast, ale kolegyne a kamaradky me trosku odradili. Tak co myslite? Ano ci ne?

Love Glamazon xoxo

4 comments on “Lingerie Style Dresses

  1. připomnělo mi to tu epizodu z Přátel, kde Rachel “testovala nové večerní šaty”.. jestli jsou na to lidi už připraveni :)

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