Mother’s Day trip to dreamy Calcot

Last weekend was a Mother’s Day on Sunday and that was a great opportunity for us to leave London and enjoy fresh air in beloved Cotswolds. So I packed my favourite beauty products and comfortable clothing into my new snazzy Lipault Paris suitcase and headed together with Tadhg and Liam to a breathtaking Calcot Manor. 

And yes it did take my breath away already when we were arriving. I love countryside spa places like this with lot of character and luxury feel. And to all of the pluses Calcot is very children friendly so it is fair to say I found my slice of heaven only few hours drive from London. It can be tricky to find places like this that welcome kids with open arms.

Minuly vikend byl Den Matek (tady v UK) a byla to skvela prilezitost se vydat mimo Londyn na vikend a uzit si cerstveho vzduchu v Cotswolds, kde to mam moc rada. A tak jsem si sbalila pohodlne obleceni a nejake oblibene produkty do sveho krasneho noveho kufru od Lipault Paris a vydala s Tadhgem a Liamkem do nadherneho hotelu Calcot Manor.

Mam hrozne rada tyhle lazenske hotely na britskem venkove. Tento byl kdysi farma a pochazi ze 14 stoleti a zvenci tak i pusobi a vevnitr na vas zapusobi typicky venkovsky luxus. A tak muzu uprimne rict, ze jsem nasla raj na zemi, ktery je par hodin autem od Londyna. A to uz jenom diky tomu, ze deti jsou tady vitane. Spousta obdobnych mist je urcena pouze pro deti coz mi asi momentalne neni moc platne. 

At the arrival you feel already like in another world that is taking you back to old times and feeling the fresh air is only a huge plus. The place is dating back to 14th century and whilst keeping lot of character it is so new yet traditional inside too. I  could not wait to enjoy my weekend to maximum.

Uz pri prijezdu musite uznat, ze Calcot Manor si zachoval spoustu charakteru a prestoze budova saha az do 14. stoleti, tak vevnitr to clovek ani nepozna. Tyhle mista opravdu zboznuju. 

I felt like it is my home straight away with staff being so helpful and welcoming and cute corners where you can snuggle up with cup of coffee and a book. Everywhere you see looks so cosy and comfy that you feel like you never want to leave. Liam of course took the place by storm and explored every bit of the hotel making friends on the way. LOL There are so many charming touches that makes this hotel special whether you want to drink infuse water at the reception or help yourself to free newspapers and an apple. These things may seem so small yet they make a huge difference to overall experience.

Hotel ma nahderne verejne prostory, ktere primo volaji  k tomu si objednat salek kavy a v pohodli si u krbu procitat dobrou knizku. Kamkoli se podivate vse vypada utulne a uz v ten moment premyslite, ze se vam nebude chtit ani domu. Liam samozrejme jako strela vyrazil na pruzkum a po ceste se s hosty i personalem kamaradickoval. To je cely on. 

After checking in we were given keys to our Deluxe room called Wiltshire which is separate from the main building. Calcot keeps the room for families outside of the main building to give privacy to other guests which a great solution to be honest. Our room could not be better. The lovely beams and touch of character whilst offering luxury like super comfortable bed, lovely mini bar and stunning spacious bathroom. I was looking forward to a hot bath and pampering session and simply get the most out of the whole weekend.

Liam absolutely loved the space too. It was big enough to run around and he loved the window seats as he could look around. I loved them too to be honest what a lovely touch to any room they are.

I just treated myself to cup of coffee straight after the arrival and started to plan the visit in the spa.

Ubytovali jsme se v pokoji delux, ktery se jmenoval Wiltshire a pokoje pro hosty s detmi jsou mimo hlavni budovu, coz je vyborne reseni. A nas pokoj byl opravdu prekrasny. Miluju tento design a navic nase postel byla opravdu silene pohodlna. Samozrejme nesmim zapomenout na krasnou koupelnu, vyborny mini bar a vsechny tresnicky na dortu, ktere pokoj nabizi. 

Calcot spa could not be any better and I knew I was going to go straight away to their hot tub. What a gorgeous set up and what an amazing treat for anybody. Although the spa offers treatments, massages, gym, swimming pool and other I knew the hot tub is what I want straight away.

I felt like in heaven for 20 minutes in water heated to 40 degrees looking at the beautiful fire place. Even the changing rooms are perfection and every small detail adds to the whole positive experience.

Hotelove lazne jsou absolutni blaho a jeste kdyz jsou tak kouzelne jako tyto. Ihned po prijezdu jsem se tesila na venkovni jacuzzi, ktera ma vyhratou vodu na 40 stupnu a pred sebou mate nadherny krb. Zkratka uzasna venkovska idylka. Ale mistni lazne nabizi take bazen, masaze, kosmetiku, fitko a vice. Ja jsem mela ale cil jasny a taky jsem si to uzila. 20 minut takoveho blaha je k nezaplaceni. A nemohla jsem odolat a musela jsem dokonce vyfotit i satny, protoze i ty maji krasne dotazene.

And it would not be a proper stay when you do not go for a good meal after a hot tub right? What a sweet ending to our day at Calcot. I could not get over the beautiful open fire that was full of character and was a centre point of the Gumstool Bar. I decided to book a table in here as oppose to the Calcot Conservatory as I felt this will be more relax environment to bring Liam too.

And I loved every single minute and the food too. The fact they make the steak in front of you on the open fire and the whole service just makes the place even more special. My husband loved it too and I the menu has got lot to offer but you can expect a good quality hearty meals that are perfect for this setting.

A to by nebyl poradny den bez dobre vecere. Rezervovala jsem pro nas stul v Gumstool Baru, protoze mi prislo, ze tam bude uvolnenejsi atmosfera v porovnani s Calcot Conservatory. A taky ze ano. Centrem je uzasny velky krb, kde delaji steaky primo pred vama a opet na nas dychla venkovska atmosfera. Jidlo bylo vytecne a Tadhg si to taky pochvaloval. On takove mista miluje snad vice nez ja. 

And of course our weekend here continued well. How could it get any worse with breakfast served in the stunning space of Calcot Conservatory that is full of light and has got a charming decoration. Hotel breakfasts are one of my favourite things ever and a huge treat.

I loved the buffet selection and the fact lot of products are sourced from local farms. Liam enjoyed his muesli whilst Tadhg and I ordered from an ala carte menu. I went for a delicious eggs Benedict and Tadhg for full English of course. What a great way to start the day.

I enjoyed every minute of our stay and I can only say that what makes this place really welcoming are the people working there. It just adds to the whole feel of the hotel and  I start to enjoy short family breaks like this more and more. You just pack your things, jump in the car and in few hours you are surrounded by beautiful countryside and you are ready to recharge. It is a great way how to travel with kids. And if you want to see more from our great trip you can watch my latest video.

A nas vikend pokracoval jak jinak nez vyborne. Jak vite a zminila jsem to mockrat, miluju hotelove snidane a vzdy se na ne tesim. V hotelu Calcot se snidane serviruje v krasne konservatori, ktera je prosvetlena a ma krasny interier. Vetsina jidla pochazi z farem z okoli a navic si muzete i objednat i z jidelnicku. Liamek si pochutna na muesli a ja si objednala vajicka Benedict. No co vam budu povidat, velke blaho. 

Musim priznat, ze cestovani je s detma narocnejsi, ale tyhle kratsi dovolene na venkove jsou skvele. Clovek vypadne z Londyna, zajede si autem na krasna mista a muze tak na chvili vypnout. A pokud chcete videt vice na mem kanale je video z naseho vyletu. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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