Nude Perfection


I have been looking for a perfect pair of nude heels for a while. I have got my Louboutins and do not get me wrong they are perfect however I wanted something for casual wear and something I could use at work as well. When I saw these on my colleague Emma (thanks for stylish ladies in our marketing department) it was honestly like a race to get them. And they finally arrived after days of waiting. Nobody warned me that Aldo takes ages with delivery. The waiting was worth it though !

Uz delsi dobu jsem poukoukavala po idealni paru bezovych lodicek. Mam jedny Louboutinky, ale ty se nehodi na bezne noseni nebo treba pracovni meetingy. Zkratka to nejsou boty do nepohody. Kdyz jsem uvidela tyhle na kolegyni Emme, musela jsem si je okamzite sehnat.  A dneska konecne prisly, ale reknu vam bylo to cekani. Nikdo me nevaroval, ze Aldo objednavky trvaji vecnost. Ale to cekani se vyplatilo nebo jsou nejen krasne, ale i prekvapive pohodlne.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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