Outfit: Black Lace at Tom Ford

Wearing: Dress: Asos, Jacket: Swagga & Soul, Bag: Chanel, Shoes: Asos

Last week I had a typical challenge of my life and that was what do I wear to work that I can wear to one of my events after work? This is now becoming even more challenging as I am carrying around 8 months bump and extra weight. Uff, the perks of being pregnant. LOL

I knew I cannot go wrong with simple black dress so I picked this Bardot style piece with lace details and it was a good option. After work I headed to a stunning Tom Ford event and although I was probably the less trendy and more elegant visitor I think it was a good choice anyway. You cannot deny the little black dress is a real classic.

Minuly tyden jsem musela resit moje klasicke dilema a to co na sebe do prace, kdyz mam vecer modni akci. Tohle je u me docela caste a nejsem fanouskem se prevlekat po praci a tahat sebou dva outfity. A ted je to jeste mnohem tezsi, protoze mam kila navic a taky tehotenske brisko a prestoze zacinam osmy mesic tak opravdu porostlo. No vyhody tehotne zeny ze? LOL

A tak jsem vsadila na jistotu a oblekla si tyhle saty s krajkou a spadlymi rameny. Vecer me cekala nadherna Tom Ford akce a i kdyz jsem byla asi nejmene trendy a spise elegantni tak i presto jsem sveho vyberu nelitovala. Klasika je zkratka klasika. Ale i tak se tesim az budu moci nosit zase vsechno, co v satniku mam. Lhat vam zase nebudu to ne. Hehe 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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16 comments on “Outfit: Black Lace at Tom Ford

  1. You look so classy I am so in love with this! The black on black was a good choice and I could barely tell that you are pregnant, although your bump is adorable. I love the lace criss-cross detail at the top of your dress and that you paired this with tights and close-toed pumps. So great!

    1. Hi Melissa, thank you. I must say I am not keen on bare legs during pregnancy. I guess it has got something to do with weight gain and confidence. I hope that makes sense…LOL xx

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