Pleated Midi and Shearling Jacket

Wearing: Asos Skirt, Ralph Lauren Top, jaket, Sam Edelman boots, Balenciaga Bag

I think if you are going to invest in one thing now it would be shearling jacket. I absolutely love this one and as you can see I have been wearing it a lot. It is warm and cosy and looks soooo good. And as you may have noticed I have the same thing about this skirt. I can’t help I just love nice things.

And in between us guys I am so glad it is Wednesday. What is it about January that everybody feels so tired around me?

Well, I am just writing this post before I leave for work but I guess I just I would love to get back to bed and close my eyes. Keep Dreaming! And those who have got this luxury…good for you!

Love Glamazon xoxo

Pokud si hodlate neco koupit na sebe tak urcite zapremyslejte o takoveto podobne bunde. Jak vidite nosim ji hodne casto a vypada opravdu skvele a navic je i dokonale tepla. A jak vidite tak s tou sukni jsem na tom podobne. Od te doby, co jsem si ji poridila, tak me neprestava bavit.

Nevim jak vy, ale ja mam pocit, ze jsem porad unavena a lidi kolem taky. Dneska kdyz rano pisu tento clanek pred tim nez jdu do prace bych nejradsi zalehla zpatky do postele a uz nevylezla! 

Ale tak snad to nejak zvladneme. Preji vam krasny den.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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