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If you are a regular reader you may know that my hair is very thick and also my skin is very sensitive. So to find a shampoo that deals with all things including frizzy hair and is still gentle enough to my skin is a challenge. Well, I recently got this interesting product – Purely Perfect– and it is like nothing I have ever tried.

If you expect another regular shampoo you will be surprised. This product after applying does not create any foam, it smells of herbs however after your hair is completely dry it feels super hydrated. My hair screams for hydration all the time and this product made it feel fantastic. I am not a massive fan of herbs and natural aroma when it comes to hair products however if you apply a nice conditioner afterwards …your problem is solved.

So bye bye frizzy hair!

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Pokud jste pravidelni ctenari, tak asi vite, ze moje vlasy jsou velmi huste a vlni se mi a hlavne mam citlivou pokozku. A proto najit sampon, ktery me zbavi takoveho toho rozcepyreneho efektu a zaroven sedi me pokozce je opravdu orisek. Nedavno se mi dostal do rukou tento velmi zajimavy produkt.
No ma to byt sampon, ale jako sampon se to vubec nechova. Purely Perfect je totiz plny prekvapeni. Kdyz jej aplikujete, tak pusobi jako krem a navic nevytvori ani zadnou penu. Ale teda po vysuseni vlasu jsem byla velmi prijemne prekvapena. Vlasy byly velmi hydratovane a pusobily uhlazene. Presne to co cekam.
Pokud vam navic voni bylinkove produkty a mate radi produkty na prirodni bazi, tak tento sampon je urcite to prave. Ja osobne co se tyce vlasu mam rada vice komercnejsi vune (tadaaa zadne prekvapeni), ale treba po umyti timto samponem si vzdy jeste aplikuji kondicioner a to tento problem vyresi.

A co vy? Vyzkouseli jste v posledni dobe nejaky zajimavy produkt?

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Love Glamazon xoxo

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