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5 Ways to Wear a Trench Coat to look expensive

Trenchcoat: H&M, Bag: Currated, Sunglasses: Here, Boots: All Saints, Sweatshirt: Sporty & Rich


Trench coats are a staple for colder seasons and you simply cannot go wrong. Some people may say how boring I say how chic and classy. There are so many of them in the market ranging from cheaper to luxe (you can browse the edit above) but some people may struggle to style them effectively.

Here are 5 ways to wear yours to gain more luxury feel to your outfits.

  1. Dress up your casual outfits – whether you are a mum on a school run or a gym fanatic in your tracksuit you can simply throw the trench on and immediately give your outfit different attitude. Think leaving the gym kind of look with a cool baseball cap and you not only be comfortable and warm but look much more done up for your healthy juice run afterwards.
  2. Office Queen – Trench coat is perfect option for corporate girlies. Think the old Working girl movie just better. I love classic pencil skirts or suits with heels and black tights. You will stay stylish and practical too.
  3. Elevate your jeans – Jeans will always be there whatever the style and cut. Show of your cute boots, sneakers or pumps. There are endless options and if you feel extra you can add a cute pin to your trench coat as well.
  4. Master of layering – Trench coats are great for layering too. You can add your layers over or under. I love fun and interesting waistcoats with different texture over the coat or nice peaking shirts and knitwear under.
  5. Don’t forget shorts and skirts – These coats will perfectly keep you warm in colder weather if you want to even go out with bare legs wearing shorts or skirt. Or you can style them with tights. There are many options out there.



Images source: 1st, 2nd my own, 3rd


Tweed jackets or sometimes called boucle jackets can be boring for some people however I believe these Chanel inspired jackets can really work for anybody. Some people say they make you look old I say it depends how you wear it and by adding your personal taste it can be the perfect transitional piece. Just picture yourself with your friends drinking coffee in a charming cafe catching the last rays of autumn sun and watching the leaves on the ground.

Now I say OUI to this. It can be worn to work, to lunches or just simply if you want to quickly upgrade your pair of jeans.

There is something very chic about boucle jackets and they are giving you that French chic vibe, plus they go so strong along with the old money vibes trend. So let’s turn the inspiration in reality and I saved you time and found some amazing pieces for this edit. And it does not have to be the iconic Celine one as there are plenty as beautiful but affordable ones around. And I included pieces that have a bit of twist to make it more fun.

Tvidove bundicky ve stylu Chanelu jsou pro nekoho dost nudnou zalezitosti, ale ja myslim, ze je to o tom, jak je nosite. Samozrejme mit klasickou od Chanelu nebo Celine z predchozich kolekci je sen, ale ne vsichni maji rozpocet, ktery jim to dovoli. Pokud hledate novy kousek na prechodne obdobi mezi letem a podzimem, jsou skvelym napadem do kazdeho satniku. Zalezi jen na vas, jak je zakomponujete do vaseho osobniho stylu. Muzete je nosit k dzinum nebo klidne do prace, kde poslouzi zase jako elegantni pomocnik.

A navic jdou ruku v ruce se soucasnym trendem Old money aesthetic. Jen si predstavte jak sedite v krasne kavarne, popijite oat latte a nasavate podzimni slunecni paprsky. To je vzdy moje idealni predstava podzimu. A jeste kdyz se tak mohu divat na barevne listi na stromech a na zemi. Pariz je na tohle idealni, ale Londyn ma taky takova krasna mista.

Nasla jsem nekolik kousku ruznych cenovych relaci, ktere vypadaji skvele a urcite budou skvelym prirustkem do vaseho satniku. A pridala jsem par kousku, ktere nejsou az tak tradicni. At to ma trosku stavu.


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