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Boots to invest in 2021 – Key Looks

Wearing: Dress: The Fold London, Boots: Zara, Sunglasses: Versace, Bag: Chanel

We are in the middle of summer but I am always one step ahead and already exploring autumn fashion. I simply love autumn and the layering and I also love stunning boots. Autumn footwear is just fun let’s face it. Last year was mainly about comfort as we were barely leaving our houses however I have big hopes that this year we get to wear all the stunning boots that are there.

Wearable Booties

I am not coming with anything groundbreaking however classic booties in different shapes and forms are timeless investment. Whether you will go for suede brown to go with some cute dresses or keep it simple and black it is that one type of boot to have in your wardrobe.

Combat Boots

Combat boots have been around for a while but they are not going anywhere. And it is a relief as I think they are a great type of boot. They look cool with girly outfits as well as tomboy looks. If you go for good quality leather they will keep your feet warm and dry. Most brands including Aquazzura, Dior or Jimmy Choo will have great designs to chose from.

Sexy Knee High

These are definitely number one hot boot. My obsession with Paris Texas continues and I dedicated an article to them Harper’s Bazaar earlier this year. However most designers are killing this trend in the best possible way. I find them extremely sexy, cool when worn with jeans and they give any outfit fabulous touch of glam. I have a pair of gorgeous black ones but also these gold ones wearing in the picture and cannot wait to wear them again.

Lug sole Boots

These type of boots are either loved or hated. I fell in love with the original Bottega model and have a high-street pair in my closet which I will wear as they are still going very strong. Even brands like Tory Burch or Tod’s are introducing their version. I know this style is not for everybody but they are perfect boot for rainy and dull autumn weather.


Leto je v plnem proudu, ale co se tyce mody, snazim se byt vzdy o krok vpred. Ja uz se pomalu rozkoukavam a vybiram si trendy na podzim 2021. Chci si zkratka vynahradit lonsky podzim, kdy vetsina z nas sedela doma v teplych ponozkach a ven nazouvala tenisky na jednu z povolenych vychazek ci na nakup jidla. A tak uz ted citim velke nadseni, protoze podzimni kozacky jsou neco, co opravdu zboznuju.

Nositelne kotnikove kozacky

Neprinasim zadne novinky, ale urcite stoji za to i letos investovat do nejakych kotnickovych kozacek. At uz se rozhodnete pro semisove hnede krasky ci kozene a cerne kousky, je to opravdu styl, ktery se hodi do kazdeho satniku.

Kozacky ve vojenskem stylu

Tenhle styl kozacek zvanych kombat je tady uz nekolik sezon a ja jsem uprimne rada, ze navrhari a znacky jako Dior, Jimmy Choo ci Aquazzura stale zarazuji tyhle modely do svych kolekci. Ja je nosim casto a jsou skvele jak k divcim satum tak klaskickym outfitum ala tomboy.

Sexy kozacky po kolena

Kozacky po kolena ovladly svet mody. Ja jsem uz pekne dlouho zamilovana do znacky Paris Texas, o niz jste mohli cist i v mem clanku v Harper’s Bazaaru. Tyhle kozacky vam vytvori krasne nohy, jsou sexy a doladi jakykoli outfit. Vypadaji vyborne i k dzinum. Vybirat muzete z velke skaly at uz semisove, ci vice vyrazne jako treba moje zlate kozacky, ktere vidite v uvodni fotografii.

Masivni podrazky

Tento styl botu je bud milovany ci nenavideny. Mam nejak pocit, ze nic mezi tim neexistuje. Ja jsem se zamilovala na prvni pohled, kdyz Bottega prisla s timto stylem na trh a par sezon pozdeji je najdete snad ve vsech kolekcich. Dokonce i znacky jako Tory Burch ci Tod’s predstavuji sve verze. Nejsou to kozacky pro vsechny, ale muzu potvrdit, ze jsou idealni do uprsenych podzimnich dnu.


3 Items to buy this autumn

Wearing: Hat: Burberry, Sunglasses: YSL, Bag: Chanel, Leggings: Spanx, Blazer: Zara but similar

As you probably know if you are regular reader and you follow me on social media I adore autumn. I love the turning leaves, I love pumpkin spice latte, I love lighting up candles and our fire place and feeling cosy. I even love the rainy days when I crawl in bed and listen to the sound of the rain. Well but one of the most exciting things is definitely fashion. We can finally layer, wear cool tights, wear cute hats and blazers and I cannot forget knitwear. So, how about this season what are the must have items to look chic, trendy and feel warm?

Knitted dresses

Knitted dresses always come and go but this year there is some serious hype about them. The most popular ones are in earthy tones and you can see all sort of lengths. You can wear them as they are or belt them as they are super easy just to throw on.

Chelsea platform boots

When designers started this few seasons ago I knew this trend was going to blow up and now you can find pretty much and high-street store have some version of these. Good thing is they offer comfort and coolness to your looks.


It is something in between shirt and jacket. I find them fun as they bring something new to current autumn trends. I love many of these and would love some neutral tone and snuggly piece for myself.

Pokud uz ctetete tyhle stranky nejakou dobu, tak asi vite, ze mam rada podzim. Miluju barevne listy a prochazky v prirode, miluju dynove latte, zapalovat doma svicky a nas krb a proste si uzivat utulne domaci nalady. Dokonce si uzivam i ty uprsenejsi dny, to si rada zalezu treba o vikendu do postele a uzivam si zvuku kapek. Co je ale velka zabava, je urcite moda. Konecne muzeme vrstvit, dat si zajimave puncochy, cepice a saka a taky nesmim zapomenout na pleteniny. A jake kousky si vlastne letos na podzim poridit? Co treba tyhle?

Pletene saty

Pletene saty jsou tady kazdou sezonu, ale letos se jim opravdu dari. K dostani jsou ruzne delky a ja osobne holduju tem v prirodnejsich barvach. Maji sve vyhody. Je to presne ta vec, co jenom hodite na sebe a outfit je hotovy a je v nich urcite teplouckou.

Chelsea boty na platforme

Uz par sezon zpet predstavilo nekolik modnich domu tento styl kozacek a ja uz jsme tusila, ze nas ceka za nedlouho velky boom. A v roce 2020 se tomu i tak i stalo a snad kazdy retezec ma v nabidce tento styl bot. Vyhodou je, ze jsou trendy a i pohodlne.


Je to neco mezi bundou a kosili a vypadaji opravdu pohodlne. Ja si delam na nejakou zalusk. Najdete kratsi i delsi verze a take modely s potisky jako klasicka kostka apod. Ja si brousim zuby spise na jednobarevnou a hlavne at je pohodlna a v prirodnich barvach.


I stopped counting how many weeks we have been staying in isolation. And to be fair I quickly got used to this new normality. I can also confidently say I do shop much less. There is always something positive about any situation. LOL

One thing that I am constantly browsing would be cute hoodies and sweatshirts as I can wear those now and also when lock down is over. And why not to share some of my favourites. Amongst all those sales and discounts you will surely find some amazing buy.

Uz jsem prestala pocitat kolikaty tyden jsme v izolaci. A abych byla uprimna nejak jsem si na tu nasi novou normalitu i zvykla. Ma to i sve vyhody a jednou z nich je, ze urcite mene nakupuju. Presto me ale neustale laka si prohlizet hezke mikiny, ktere muzu nosit jak v izolaci, ci na na nase povolene vychazky, tak i pozdeji, az budeme mit vice flexibility a svobody.

A tak jsem vybrala par kousku, ktere se mi libi a treba mezi tema slevama a slevovyma kuponama taky nejakou krasku ukoristite.



The biggest shopping week of the year is here. I feel the buzz is getting bigger and bigger each year. I sometimes feel myself a bit lost in the sea of offers, sales and discount codes but let’s face it so many of dreamy items from investment items to more trendy pieces are discounted. It is perfect week to snap designer bag for less, new TV you wanted all year long or treat yourself to a piece of jewellery. And it is the best time of the year to do Christmas shopping. If you get organised (read my guide to Black Friday shopping here) you can get everything you need during Cyber Week.

So I am bringing my personal selection of fab items, discount codes and offers to you!!! You can go through all the offers and edits below.

Happy shopping

Nejvetsi nakupni tyden roku je tady – Cyber Week. Pripada mi, ze silenstvi je kazdy rok vetsi a vetsi. A kazdy rok se sama vice a vice ztracim v zaplave slevovych kodu, akci a vyprodeju. Kazda firma se snazi vyuzit faktu, ze lidi blazni a nakupuji. Ale na druhou stranu je to opravdu super tyden na to ulovit vysnene kousky, at uz je to nova televize ci draha kabelka. Ale muze to byt i svetr z retezce, ktery je zkratka tento tyden v akci. No a hlavne, kdyz si vse poradne naplanujete, muzete nakoupit Vanocni darky za mene a s predstihem. Napsala jsem cely clanek o tom jak nakupovat a nezblaznit se z toho behem cyber tydne.

A tak i tento rok vam prinasim clanek plny skvelych veci, slev, akci a slevovych kodu. 

Tak preji prijemne a co nejklidnejsi nakupovani.



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