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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas you will love

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas  woman showing her bag wearing backless black dress with a trail and bow
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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and you may still be thinking about what to wear. I have some great ideas and inspiration whether you are more of a luxury or high-street girl. If you want to keep things simple and you like just jeans and top but nice nails that is also fine but nothing wrong with treating yourself to a lovely new dress.


I love the idea of dressing up even at home and having a cute takeaway and movie night in. There are surely lot of girls that may organise Galentines day but if you are going out for dinner with your partner try to find out the dress code. Most restaurants will have that information on the website and sometimes you may have to play Sherlock on social media. Get a feel for a place but I personally love dressing up. Imagine what a lovely evening to dress up to feel good and make sure your partner will not take eyes of you. I love a lot Magda Butrym and Alessandra Rich dresses if you can splurge but there are many on high-street with similar vibe.

And if your budget lets you get yourself some fabulous shoes and perhaps even a bag. And I have great offer for you with COS as you can get 10 % with your first order.


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Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas that inspire you

Valentine's Day Nail Ideas that inspire you hearts with gold
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Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas that inspire you

With Valentine’s Day round the corner some of you may be preparing and some you may totally skip this day. Yes, I know that not everybody is a huge fan but it is always a good to have a reason to put on a cute makeup or have your nails done. Personally I used to always do something with my husband but it has been more difficult with children.


However, I am always that girl that has your back when it comes to Valentine’s day inspiration. All I need to do now is to bring the content across my social media and also bring some outfit inspirations and you are set to go to wow your partner. And with Galentines day parties on the rise you can even impress your friends.


And I will always say yes to little pre Valentine’s day treats like cute chocolates, buying a new red nail varnish or lipstick. What can I say I love a reason to celebrate, to enjoy your life and bring on that mood. It simply gives me joy so even if I do not go out for dinner or celebrate big time I can celebrate in my own little way with a cute new lipstick or by having my hair done.

I personally do not wear nail art however I think it is gorgeous and suits so many people so here I am with 10 designs you may love. It is actually so hard to chose from. I love the idea also of the red and black.

It can be so overwhelming when you start to search for nail ideas as there are so many designs to chose from so hopefully this will make things easier.

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Valentine's Day Nail Ideas that inspire you pink base with small red hearts
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Valentine's Day Nail Ideas that inspire you nude base with stunning black hearts
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