Tip of the week … Hix Oyster & Chop House

Last weekend was all about great food and great company. I felt like a social busy bee with a diary full of meetings, lunches and dinners. However one of the evenings really stood out. My friends Helena and Lorcan picked this outstanding restaurant in Farringdon called Hix Oyster & Chop House. I must give them a big medal for picking this fabulous spot. It is a great choice for two czirish (Czech and Irish) couples like us. We both like good piece of steak.

The restaurant has got traditional deco with crispy white tablecloths that really compliment their predominantly meat menu. You can order selection of meats, chops but also delicious oysters. We all wanted to try as much as possible so we ordered lot of sharing sets and although it may sound a lot I ate steak tartare (that had really nice spicy kick to it), steak, chops, lobster and finished the evening with cherry pie with ripple ice cream.  Although I am not that much into dessert this one was super delicious. And bit of sweetness is always needed after such a meat feast. The chops were definitely the best out of everything (so perhaps our next order).

And I could not resist and had to take picture of that Eva wine. And trust me I did not pick that on purpose at all!

I would give this restaurant 4,5 stars out of 5. And everybody felt the same. So I guess that means we are all coming back.

Minuly vikend byl hodne o jidle a dobre spolecnosti. Pripadala jsem si, ze trochu nestiham se svym nabity diarem plny veceri a obedu. Ale jeden z veceru se opravdu povedl. Nasi kamaradi Helena a Lorcan vybrali tuhle vytecnou restauraci ve ctvrti Farringdom a ti kteri maji radi steaky a maso tak ji urcite oceni. Hix Oyster & Chop House ma bohate menu a najdete v nem vse mozne od steaku az po humra. 

Restaurace ma velmi tradicni decor, ale myslim, ze na tento styl restaurace se to hodi. Klasicke bile ubrusy a jednoduchy styl nemaji co pokazit a vzdy tak nejak davaji typickym steak housum ten spravny nadech. I kdyz se to bude zdat hodne …. tim ze jsme objednali ruzna jidla pro vsechny ctyri jsem mohla vyzkouset opravdu hodne z jejich nabidky…od tataraku, pres humra az po ruzne steaky. A silene mi chutnal jejich spenat. Servis byl taky vyborny a strasne jsem si to uzila, myslim, ze to byly skvele stravene tri hodiny. 

A nemohla jsem odolat a musela jsem vam vyfotit to Eva vino. A opravdu se priznavam, ze to byla uplna nahoda. 

Love Glamazon xoxo

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