Vlog – Photographers Gallery and Momo Cafe

Oh man.. I am still learning when it comes to videos and vlogs. Like the weekend when I went to Photographer’s Gallery we did not use the camera in the right way and that would explain why the video is so short and I am not even in it. I promise I will work on it. However this is another weekend around London that ended up in one of my favourite Moroccan cafes in London.

Ach jo…porad se ty videa a vlogy ucim tocit. Tak napriklad tohle video melo byt o tolik delsi a hlavne jsem v nem mela figurovat, jenomze my holky leve…a tak mate bohuzel mnohem kratsi verzi. Ale kazdopadne jsem vam chtela ukazat jak casto vypada takove moje vikendove odpoledne zakoncene v jedne me oblibene kavarne v Marockem stylu.

A snad to s tim natacenim bude priste lepsi.

Love Glamazon xoox

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