How to wear your slingback shoes

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Slingback shoes are going still pretty strong right now. You may remember this post I wrote in March. Last two fashion weeks everybody was wearing the iconic Chanel model and since so many brands brought their own designs. There is no need to spend a fortune on shoes like this. Well, Chanel is Chanel however not everybody has got the same resources right? You can for example grab these for so much less and still look fab.

Although there is just something about these shoes. You see bloggers rocking them mainly with their raw hem jeans and using these shoes to dress up their otherwise simple looks. I have a sweet spot for this styling however you can easily wear them with occasional dresses too. And this is what I am looking for…the variety an expensive items can offer. If I spending several hundreds pounds on shoes I want them to go with everything and anything. And this is what these shoes can definitely offer. Bingo!

Nazouvaci boty si stale drzi silnou pozici. Mozna si pamatujete tento clanek, ktery jsem venovala tomuto modelu botu pred par mesici. Mam pocit, ze posledni dve sezony se to na Fashion Weeku hemzilo ikonickymi nazouvacky Chanel. A neni divu, protoze vypadaji vyborne. Bohuzel jsem se tenkrat neodhodlala a ted uz se hrozne spatne shani. Pochopitelne ne kazdy ma na to, aby si koupil boty za 15 tisic, ale nemusite smutnit, protoze se daji poridit treba takoveto za smesnou cenu. A myslim, ze i tak budou vypadat krasne.

Na techto botech zkratka neco jo. Blogerky je casto nosi k otrhanym dzinum a pouzivaji je jako ozdobu jinak jednoduchych outfitu. A presne tohle na takovych kouscich miluju. Kdyz mam do nececho investovat takovou castku, tak ocekavam nespocetne moznosti kombinaci. Jak vidite, daji se vyuzit uplne ke vsemu a kdyz se budete chystat na nejakou vyjimecnou udalost, tak poslouzi stejne dobre jako k obycejnym dzinum. Bingo!!! 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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