Winter Glam

Wearing: Mango Trousers, Oasis Top, Chanel Bag, Dune Boots, River Island Coat

This may sound really weird but looking at these pictures I must say this outfit has got a wow factor! I see a bit of glam, bit of classic and also chic side in this outfit.
I do not want to sound badly though but hopefully you know what I mean.

Interestingly enough these are mainly very old pieces but it is the classic part and the trendy part (neoprene coat) mixed together that makes it look more edgy and diverse.

Anyway, As you may have seen on my instagram I am in bed with flu when writting this post and I cannot even speak properly. All I am left with is blogging and watching movies. I watched The Book Thief yesterday and I was really touched. Sad story but beautiful.

Mozna to bude znit divne, ale jak tak koukam na tyhle fotky, tento outfit se mi fakt libi, vypada to super. Nechci znit nepatricne, ale na druhou stranu bych jsem asi nedala neco, co se mi nelibi (i kdyz v minulosti jsem urcite parkat ujela). Podle me je tento outfit skloubenim sexy, glamorous a chic.

Kazdopadne tento neoprenovy kabat tomu dodava mene klasictejsi vzhled. Jsem opravdu rada, ze jsem si ho koupila.

Mimochodem, jak mozna vite z meho instagramu a facebooku, tak me polozila chripka (coz se tak casto nestava) a tak mi zustalo jenom blogovani a sledovani filmu, protoze nemuzu ani nejak mluvit. Vcera jsem koukala na film The book thief a musim rict, ze je to smutny, ale krasny pribeh. Urcite se podivejte.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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