Outfit: Zig zag maxi cardigan

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Wearing: Shoes: Adidas, Bag: Chanel, Cardigan: River Island, Top: Tchibo, Leggings: Asos, Sunglasses: Dior

This outfit is another perfect example that if you I have more stand out item it can give a bit of juice to simple combinations. This rule becomes very handy especially in pregnancy. I fell in love with this zig zag cardigan as firstly it looks like something from Missoni collection and secondly I can wear it even with my bump due to its cut and material.

This weekend I had a great meeting with a cosmetics brand called Geneu which I will tell you definitely more about in a near future. And then I spent my Saturday with a friend in Shoreditch house (what a surprise) by the pool sipping healthy juices and water. Well, after all I wish it was glass of wine or cocktail but I will have to wait for that a bit right?

Tento outfit je typickym prikladem toho, ze kdyz si poridite par vyraznych kusu, tak vzdy pridaji trosku stavy jinak velmi klasickym kombinacim. Tohle pravidlo se mi zacina vyplacet ted v tehotenstvi. Kdyz jsem uvidela poprve tento maxi cardigan se zig zag potiskem, tak jsem se hned zamilovala. Nejen, ze vypada jako kousek od Missoni (samozrejme za mene penez), ale dokonce diky strihu a materialu je to dalsi model, ktery muzu nosit jak ted tak i po porodu.

O vikendu jsem sla na schuzku a test DNA, ktery provadela kosmeticka znacka Geneu. O tom vam urcite reknu vice v budoucnu, protoze jsem byla sama fascinovana, kam az veda a kosmetika pokrocila. A pote jsem stravila Sobotu v Shoreditch housu (jako vzdy a znovu) polehavanim u bazenu a popijenim zdravych dzusu. No priznavam se, ze sklenicka vina ci koktejlu by mi sedela vice, ale na to si budu muset jeste pockat.

Love Glamazon xoxo


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