Art at the Barbican

Hey Darlings,
I went to see French modern artist exhibition last weekend. French modern artist in particular…I will not bore you any longer. And as I was getting ready I realised I have not worn these biker boots for ages and it was time to test them again. Well, I will get better I promise. However they are really comfy after all and it was perfect for a weekend afternoon like that.
Minuly vikend jsem sla na vystavu moderniho umeni, konkretne francouzske umelce, dale vas uz nebudu nudit. A to jsem si tak, kdyz jsem se chystala vzpomela, ze jsem mela tyhle biker kotnickove boty jenom jednou. Musim se polepsit, slibuju. Kazdopadne mi poskytly hodne pohodli a to se v takove vikendove odpoledne hodi.
Wearing: Diesel boots, Zara Jeans, Alexander Mcqueen Scarf, D&G Sunglasses, Swagga & Soul Jacket, Warehouse Jumper, Vivienne Westwood Bag

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