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Why are influencers changing their Instagram handle names?

Wearing: Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Bag: Bulgari, Dress and Blazer: Zara, Belt: Black & Brown

When I was starting to write a blog back in autumn 2009 it was all so new. Most bloggers were using blogspot and there was no Instagram. We were all just having these online diaries, sharing what we wear, what we did and our lives.

Bloggers were looking for a catchy names for their blogs and when you landed on their pages you would see the name of the blog that later became a brand – The Blonde Salad, Glam & Glitter, In the Frow, Hello October, Pink Peonies, Something Navy, Style Scrapbook just to name the few. I will not lie. I often did not know the bloggers by their first and second names and referred to them as Something Navy or in my case Glamazon. And I am still doing it to be fair.

Well, many years later when the websites were taken by Instagram the same “brands” were growing rapidly on this social platform and not just this one. There was a nice continuity and when you loved the blog and wanted to follow your favourite blogger on Instagram, Twitter and many others you could easily find them based on the blog name.

This has shifted recently and I am thinking why. Does it mean it is no longer cool to be found on Instagram as Pink Peonies or Five inch and up? Is it a new trend? Is it lust for fame with your own name? However, so many influencers started to changed their original names which to me were the actual brand and started to use their real names.

I personally find it so hard especially when Instagram does not work the same way as before. Now, if you constantly do not engage with certain content, that feed is not coming up despite you following them. So with some people you do not see a single picture or video for months. This makes it even more difficult if you want to find them. As an example I wanted to send this blogger I know personally from the industry na image that popped up somewhere and I was looking forever for her handle. Sadly, I did not remember her full name so I was lost. It took me so long to find her and yes she was one of the people that changed her original blog name to her name. And this happens so many times. I find it so confusing when I quickly want to look somebody up.

I still have not decided if it is a good or bad thing. There are few people that started their blogs with their own name. One that comes to my mind is a Czech Influencer Pavlina Jagrova. Well, good for her as she does not have to confuse followers with all these changes. There is also one case I can think makes full sense and that is Arielle Charnas from Something Navy. Something Navy became her clothes brand so it was a natural move to keep the traffic of her original brand. She used her blog for her online clothes shop and then change her influencer social accounts to her actual names. This is a brilliant and logic move for sure. There is a lot of gain out of this.

I wish I could answer to my question in the title? Is it trend? Is it where we are heading? Will the original names just fully disappear? I guess only time will show.


Kdyz jsem zacinala s blogem koncem roku 2009, vsechno bylo nove. Vetsina blogeru pouzivala originalni blogspot a Instagram jeste neexistoval. Byly to pro nas takove online diare, kde vetsina z nas sdilela outfity, nas kazdodenni zivot a podobne.

Vetsina blogeru chtela prijit na trh s poutavym jmenem, ktery pritahne pozornost a ktere ji vybuduje znacku. Z tech dob me napadaji jmena jako The Blonde Salad, Glam & Glitter, In the Frow, Hello October, Pink Peonies, Something Navy, Style Scrapbook a jine. A nebudu vam lhat, jmena blogeru jsem moc neznala a brala je jako The Blond Salad nebo v mem pripade Glamazon.

Par let na to prisel Instagram a vetsina blogeru rozsirovala svuj influence na ruznych socialnich platformach. Vsechno bylo krasne propojeno a kdyz si ctenar chtel najit influencera napriklad na Instagramu, ve vetsinu pripadu stacil nazev blogu. A proc taky ne, bylo to jednoduche, byla to jejich znacka, kterou pilne budovali na webovych strankach a davalo to smysl. A tak kdyz jsem si oblibila napriklad blog Pink Peonies, vedela jsem, ze mi staci tohle zadat na Instagramu do vyhledavace a voila.

Jenze to se ale v poslednich asi dvou letech zacalo menit a spousta at uz top influenceru tak micro-influenceru zacala menit sva jmena na Instagramu na sva skutecna jmena. Sedim tady a premyslim proc? Je to novy trend? Je to out mit nazev blogu jako hlavni jmeno? Nebo je to zkratka jenom touha po slave pod jejich skutecnym jmenem? Tak ci tak, ja to shledavam dost matouci (to bude sranda az tomu prijdu na chut a zmenim si to taky LOL), protoze v dnesni dobe kdyz Instagram ma zcela jiny algoritmus, je tak tezke najit jenom tak blog, kdyz si nepamatujete jejich jmeno.

Jako priklad uvedu, kdyz jsem nedavno chtela poslat fotku jedne influencerce, kterou znam osobne a zacala ji hledat na Instagramu a zkratka to neslo. A jelikoz jsem si nemohla vzpomenout na jeji jmeno, bylo to o to tezsi. Nakonec jsem se po delsi dobe proklikala pres jine lidi a fotku ji poslala. No co vam budu povidat, hrozne me to stvalo. LOL

Vyhodu maji ti blogeri, kteri tak zacali hned na zacatku. Jako priklad uvedu Pavlinu Jagrovou. Ta si svou znacku vybudovala na svem vlastnim jmene a ma to ted jednodussi. Dalsi priklad, kdy mi zmena dava smysl je Arielle Charnas z blogu Something Navy. Arielle si vybudovala znacku obleceni, kterou nazvala Something Navy a velmi chytre tak mohla okamzite vyuzit jak navstevnost blogu, z nehoz se stal online shop a take Instagramovy ucet. Svuj puvodni ucet si zkratka zmenila na sve skutecne jmeno. Ale tohle je opravdu logicky tah, kterym ziska opravdu hodne.

Bohuzel si sama nemohu zodpovedet na svou otazku v titulu? Nevim, jestli je to trend. Nevim, zda je to vyhoda ci nevyhoda, jenom vim, ze kdyz si chci opravdu nekoho najit, ze me to akorat mate. Myslim, ze na tohle nam odpovi jedine cas a treba nakonec jmena blogu jako takovych zcela zmizi.


Designer shoes – The best of sales

Wearing: Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood, Trousers: River Island, Shirt: River Island, Bag: Stella McCartney, Blazer: Vintage, Earrings: Missoma

One of the things I love about summer are also fabulous summer sales. Now when things are little bit back to normal we can finally appreciate beautiful things like hot summer sandals, cute heels and especially when they come with a chunky discount. It is a perfect investment. You can actually now get on sale these Nicholas Kirkwood beauties I am wearing on the picture and they are a perfect model for any party.

However there are so many other fantastic pieces from even more fantastic brands. One of my favourite brands Aquazzura has some of the hottest shoes on sale and Jimmy Choo is not behind so here is a little selection of some of my favourites.


Jedna z veci, ktere miluju na lete jsou urcite vyprodeje. No samozrejme leto jako takove je uzasne, ale ted kdyz uz mame vetsi volnost v dobe covidove, tak proc neinvestovat do nejakych krasnych sandalku, ktere jsou nadcasove a budou se hodit kazde leto. Ja rada vyuzivam velkych slev a poridim si tak neco luxusniho. Napriklad tyhle nazouvacky, ktere mam na sobe od znacky Nicholas Kirkwood jsou momentalne ve sleve, ale najdete i jine fantasticke kousky.

Jedna z mych oblibenych znacke je urcite Aquazzura a v nabidce najdete opravdu skvele modely s velkou slevou a Jimmy Choo nezustava pozadu. A tak pro vas mam mensi vyber toho nejlepsiho.




To Retouch or Not to Retouch

Images: India Edwards
Wearing: Dress: Shona Joy, Boots: Zara, Bag: Chanel, Belt: Black & Brown, Earrings: Missoma, Blazer: Vintage

To retouch or not to retouch is the question. I am one of many reacting to the picture by Khloe Kardashian. Well, for me the answer is not so simple. I believe she has full right to do what she wants without being judged or criticised. The whole family build the brand on looking immaculate and if that is the case and they post perfect retouched images it is their choice. She also has a right to take down image if she wants to. As with anything in life some people with praise it and some will hate it. The issue is that human beings do not want to take responsibility for themselves.

People and women especially need to learn to love their bodies as they are. The problem is that social media stars and celebrities are constantly pointed at that they are not showing the real deal. Well, I am firm believer that if you love yourself deeply and accept yourself as you are that retouch image of a super star will just leave you cold. You would not care one person is size 20 and the other is size 6. You are just happy with yourself and look after your body mentally and physically.

I am not the type of influencer that is demanding when it comes to her images. I do not retouch much apart from the od spot and I do not retouch my figure. There has been couple of photographers that have done it for me in the past but again I left it as was. It is their style and brand after all. f you ever meet a person that has been shooting with me you realise I am happy with little. I am not a diva that takes hours to get the perfect image as I am happy with few selections. However, again that is my choice. If I take a picture down again it is my choice and it is my choice to work like that too.

I am definitely not here to judge what people put on social media. And trust me I met so many girls from the blogging industry that when you see them in real life you cannot recognise them. That is how much different they look to their images. Again that is what they chose to do.

So let’s be more open to people’s choices and mainly love our bodies as they are.

Remember there is no right or wrong.


Retusovat ci ne? To je otazka, ktera se porad propira v mediich a na socialnich siti. Asi uhadnete, za jako spousty dalsich reaguju na skandal okolo fotografie Khloe Kardashian. Odpoved neni cerna a bila. Khloe Kardashian a cela jejich rodina ma svou znacku, ktera je vybudovana na urcite image. Pouzivaji top fotografie, filtry a retus a vyplatilo se jim to. Kazdy ma pravo jit cestou, kterou chce. Jsou Instagramove hvezdy, ktere se proslavily ukazovanim striji a jsou hvezdy, ktere maji dokonale upravene fotografie. A myslim, ze neni treba soudit ani prvni ani druhou skupinu. Kazdy ma pravo si na svuj profil dat co chce a kdykoli to smazat. Problem je v tom, ze lide nechteji klast zodpovednost na sebe.

Lide a zejmena zeny se musi naucit milovat sva tela jak jsou. Je to sice proces, ale cim vic na sobe v tomto smeru pracujete, opravdu tim mene vas drasa prave takova fotografie. Ja moc dobre vim, jak funguje modni prumysl a vubec si nelamu hlavu tim, ze je neco hodne retusovaneho, protoze zkratka vim, ze dana osoba proste takto nevypada. A hlavne se me to ani netyka. Kdyz se mate radi, je vam jedno jestli na vas na instagramu vyskoci modelka velikosti 34 nebo plnostihla zena. Je to o vas a o vasem postoji ke svemu nitru a vasemu telu.

Ja nejsem bloger, ktery foti hodiny jeden outfit. Jsem docela nenarocna. Az na par fotografu, kteri me retusovali, se ja moc neupravuju. Spis pracuju se svetlem, mozna vymazu nejaky ten pupinek a to je vse. Jsem jedna z tech malo narocnych a spis ten kdo je za fotoaparatem me nuti, ze bych mohla jeste zkusit par fotek, at mam na vyber. Ale to je opet moje rozhodnuti. Neni to ani spravne a ani spatne. Kdyz uz neco fotim, tak se soustredim na detaily v realnem case a v post produkci uz moc zmen neuvidite.

Nejsem tady abych soudila nekoho, jak vypada, jak retusuje ci jestli si vyfotil akne. Verte mi, ze jsem potkala spousty blogerek, ktere jsem v realu ani nepoznala. Nektere zkratka pouzivaji fotografie tak editovane, ze na vas v realu mluvi jina osoba. Je to ale opet jejich volba.

Je treba byt otevreny a nezaujaty a hlavne mit rad same sebe. Jde o to zacit, protoze to pro mnohe z nas muze byt dlouhy proces.


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Will it be just before and after pandemic?

Tracksuit: Femme Luxe, Boots: Allsaints, Hat:Nike, Bag: Polene, Coat: American Vintage via Brand Alley, Earrings: Zara

I do not know how about you but I am dreading a little bit the return to normality. I know it will not be fully as it was before for a while. Or the question is more if it will be ever the same as before? Is it going to be one of those things that will create before and after pandemic?

Anyway, I simply got used to so many things that resonate with comfort. Whether it is spending lot of time in the comfort of home, the comfort of deliveries, the comfort of online shopping, the comfort of online workout classes and really everything that has been huge part of our lives in the last year. Comfort is my second name and I realised how easy it is to get used to it. I am not rushing anywhere all the time. PR events are organised over zoom and although I miss social contact I quickly got used to it. For any event I can just put on cute top and keep on comfortable trousers and the travel is from sofa to my laptop on the table which takes just seconds.

Do I miss going out and seeing friends? Yes big time but also it feels like I forgot how to dress up and my body feels great in tracksuits and leggings. This tracksuit is the newest addition and it is from Femme Luxe. I have it in a different colour but this creamy one is perfect for spring. The cut is perfect, it has that oversized feel and I am over the moon with the fabric. It looks great after several washes too.

Do not get me wrong I am lusting to go on holiday and go to Czech to see my family but at the same time it feels almost not natural in my head. I start to feel dressed up in anything that does not scream comfort and although I do create content for social media I often catch myself in the baggiest trousers and top. I am excited for social life but at the same time I am seriously worried that I simply got lazy.

Comfort just became huge part of our lives. I mean who is missing the ugly side of everyday life. I bet not many of you miss the packed tube or crowds of people waiting to get served in a tiny sandwich shop. Well, let’s just hope we manage to find a lovely balance when we slowly go back to things as we know them before.


Ja nevim jak vy, ale trosku se bojim navratu do reality. Obecne si teda myslim, ze normalita jako takova nenastane ihned. Vse uz bude jine, otazkou je jestli na porad ci na jak dlouhou dobu? Ja pevne doufam, ze bude zase normalni si zajit do kina ci do narvaneho klubu ci proste jenom na Vanocni msi do kostela bez omezeni, rezervaci, gelu ci masek. Jenom jsem si za ten roz zvykla na pohodli. At uz je to pohodlne obleceni, donaska do domu, nakupy jenom online, zoom eventy a vsechno je to zkratka o pohodli vaseho zivota a domova. Usetri to spoustu casu, spoustu planovani a cestovani a dokonce i cviceni je jenom z domu. Nedavno jsem byla fotit s fotografkou a uprimne me to celkove strasne vysalo. Ze by si moje odvyklo na ten muj shon pred pandemii?

Dalsi vec je oblekani. Nejak jsem si zvykla na vice pohodlne outfity, nic komplikovaneho a hlavne na teplakovky. I kdyz mam spoustu krasneho obleceni, casto se pristihnu, ze saham opet po leginech ci teplacich. Tohle je muj novy prirustek a mam ji v tmavsi barve. Byla jsem moc spokojena s materialem a s tim jak vypada a sedi, ze jsem si poridila dalsi barvu.

Samozrejme snim o cestovani, o tom jit ven na veceri s prateli bez rousek a omezeni, o plazi a ceste na Moravu. Snim o tom, ze pujdu do kina, divadla a do galerie. Je toho tolik. Zaroven mi predstava krasnych satu a nejake poradne akce prijde jako vzdalena predstava. Na pohodli si clovek zvykne velmi rychle. Prestoze tvorim obsah a oblekam se na tvorbu, foceni ci videa, tak se v beznem zivote velmi casto pristihnu ve vytahanych dzinech a XL tricku.

Pohodli se zkratka stalo soucasti naseho zivota. A ve spouste vecech to ma sve vyhody. Myslim, ze spouste z nas nechybi narvane metro v dopravni spicce, kdy vam dychaji dalsi tri lidi na zada. Snad se nam podari najit prijemny balanc az se pomalu budeme vracet k beznemu zivotu jako pred pandemii.


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