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Outfit: Sequins and Flares at LFW

Pictures: Comb 

Wearing: Bag: Stella McCartney, Shoes: Zara, Dress: Zara, Jacket: Swagga & Soul, Sunglasses: Rayban, Jeans: Mango

Looking back at this outfit I feel Rachel Zoe vibes. Flares, sequins, leather jacket however when I was dressing I did not think of that all. I simply liked the sequin dress and as it is quite short I opted for comfort over fashion week and decided to layer it over white flared jeans.

It may look brave that I only wore leather jacket in the winter however it is not as cold and I was also taking taxis everywhere. I cannot believe that Monday has come so fast. I am in charge of the baby again so today is probably going to be the last I am doing something around LFW. I am going to pop in to an event with Tom Ford and that will be then end for me for this season.

Yay. Another season and lot of great fashion. Although this time a bit different as I a mum. A bit harder I am not going to lie but still amazing.

Kdyz se tak divam na tento outfit, okamzite se mi vybavi Rachel Zoe, ale pritom kdyz jsem se oblekala, tak me to ani nenapadlo a nebyl to ani zamer. Zkratka se mi libily tyhle saty a protoze je fashion week a zaroven jsem chtela pohodli a nemyslet na to, zda jsou saty dostatecne dlouhe, hodila jsem si je pres kalhoty. 

Myslim, ze jsem byla odvazna si dat jenom kozenou bundu, ale uz jsem byla po par dnech (plus nocich, kdy vstavam k malemu) tak unavena, ze jsem se rozsoupla a vsude jezdila taxikem. Marniva zena co? A bylo asi 13 stupnu, takze se to docela dalo. LOL 

Jsme v udivu, ze je opet pondeli. Uz mam zase Liamka na starosti ja, takze se mnou jeste dneska zajde na akci Tom Ford a timto dnem asi fashion week zabalime. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Corset and patent leather at LFW

Wearing: Top: Neon Rose, Bag: Gucci, Shoes: Gucci, Trousers: New Look, Sunglasses: Celine, Coat: H&M, Earrings: Asos

First day of LFW is over. Where I those days when I could run around all day and did not have to worry about anything but now I have Liam. So my planning skills got to another level.

Yesterday I headed up with Liam towards the new venue on Strand around lunch time and caught up with friend for something to eat first. The advantage of bringing your child to LFW in a pram like he has is that people will photograph you and shout things like – wow, is that Jeremy Scott pram? Is that a fashion baby? Lol

We then managed to do photos for the blog and then although I organised baby sitter to take him whilst I am in the presentation I managed to sneak him in. We looked at the new collection of Maison Makarem that was held at Savoy and I rushed to my next meeting. I think Liam although I take him everywhere all the time was little bit overwhelmed and just not himself so in my last meeting he would cry as got very tired. I thought after a day like that he would sleep so well at night…I was very wrong (story of my life).

Anyway, I finished the first day at a cocktail party organised by the Fashion Council at Serpentine Galleries. That was really amazing. I love a good fashion scene. I am not going to lie, the night was tough and the morning is as well but I have to go and plan my day again. Go Eva you can do it. LOL

Prvni den Londynskeho fashion weeku je za nama. Doby, kdy jsem litala od rana vecera po presentacih a prehlidkach a bezstarostne si uzivala jsou jiz pase. Ted uz mam Liama, takze planovani je asi nejdulezitejsi schopnost, kterou momentalne potrebuju a taky hodne energie a pevne nervy. 

Vcera jsem vyrazila z domu nekdy po obede a mela domluvenou slecnu na hlidani, ktera by si ho vzala zatimco ja budu na presentaci. Nejdrive jsem skocila s kamaradkou na obed, pak jsme nafotily fotografie na blog a pak jsem to riskla a na presentaci Maison Makarem sla s nim. Vyhoda toho, ze si berete dite na fashion week je takova, ze pokud mate kocarek jako ja, ze si ho fashion lide budou fotit. A taky na vas budou kricet veci jako jeee to je kocarek od Jeremyho Scotta, jeee to je fashion baby? LOL 

Liam toho myslim mel za par hodin asi dost, nemohl z toho vseho nejak usnout, vsude moc lidi, porad na nej nekdo nakukoval a i kdyz je zvykly se mnou byt vsude, na me treti schuzce uz to opravdu nedaval. Ja jsem si rikala jak bude spat v noci, ale teda nic moc. Vecer jsem jeste sla na zahajovaci party Fashion weeku v Serpentine Galleries, ktera byla uzasna mimochodem. Myslim, ze to nevyspani je obcas treba prekousnout. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Bow Back Sweatshirt

Wearing: Jeans: Asos, Boots: Ash, Top: Shein, Sunglasses: Celine, Bag: Gucci

I promise I am still alive. I know I have not been publishing as much as you are used to. Firstly, I am very busy and then I caught some virus again. I spent today all day in bed and let me tell you every mum that is sick and at the same time needs to look after a child deserves a medal.

Things just got a bit manic. I have been bombarded by emails, tried to film a video whilst looking after infant and also create content and organise LFW. So, I guess sometimes it is good to stop. At least we can all appreciate how cute is this sweatshirt with a bow. LOL

Jsem stale na zivu. Jenom jsem nepublikovala, tak jak bych chtela. Za prve toho mam opravdu hoden a za druhe jsem opet chytila nejaky virus (myslim, ze potrebujeme uz jaro). Dneska jsem stravila cely den doma, protoze mi opravdu nebylo dobre. A rada bych prohlasila, ze kazda mama, ktera onemocni a jeste se stara o dite, si zaslouzi medajli. 

Veci se dost rozjely. Denne jsem zaplavena emaily, snazila jsem se natocit video ( s nemluvnetem doma), tvorim obsah na blog a organizuju veci na Londynsky fashion week. Takze mozna je dobre, ze me obcas zastavi neco jako nemoc. Alespon mam pak cas ocenit jak roztomila je tahle mikina s maslickou. Hehe

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Love is in the air

Pictures by Lorna

Wearing: Coat: Zara, Bag: Chloe, Belt: Gucci, Boots: Daniel, Hat: River Island, Top: Kit & Ace

London has decided it is a proper winter. I mean what kind of weather is going on this weekend. Snowing, raining and crazy cold (I should not really complain to NYFW attendees right). I was rushing to Skin laundry yesterday morning and the town was empty. I guess people are sticking to their cosy homes and endless cups of tea. I managed to quickly snap my simple outfit. Simple because you cannot really think of anything else in this cold and harsh weather. This cashmere polo neck always keeps me warm and proper wool coat right?

Well, let’s stay warm, ignore the weather and feel the love. Not just the LOVE on Newsagents store but the real one for Valentines.

Londyn se rozhodl, ze nam nadeli poradnou zimu. Jinak si nedokazu vysvetlit to pocasi tento vikend a v patek. Snezi, prsi a vse dohromady. Vcera rano jsem bezela do Skin Laundry a centrum bylo temer prazdne. Vsichni se asi radsi zdrzuji doma na pohovce s teplym cajem. A proto jsem se taky oblekla jednoduse a teple. Nic jineho si nedokazu ani predstavit. Kasmirovy rolak vzdy zahreje a tento kabat z vlny je snad muj nejoblibenejsi. 

Ale co ze je zima. Za nedlouho je Valentyn a venku je citit laska. Nejenom ta reklamni laska na stancich s casopisy. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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