Blanket Scarf

Photo by Negar
Wearing: Zara Dress and Boots, Mango Coat, Ebay Scarf, Primark Hat and Sophie Hulme Bag

London you are so unexpected! You got so much colder but you will not get to me as I have this super warm scarf!! Some people laugh at me and say I carry my blanket around however they probably do not realise that blanket scarf are ruling the fashion world right now…LOL

This piece is from Ebay however I discovered this fabulous one on Asos…from some reason other fabulous pieces are just out of stock! It must be somehow connected to what I said earlier…blanket scarf are IN!

Also I have been very active on Pinterest recently so I would be happy if you follow me and I can follow back and get some extra inspiration. See you there!

Londyn umi byt pekne nepredvidatelny a tentokrat se pekne ochladilo. Ale to vubec nevadi, protoze mam peknou zasobu techto velkych sal. Nekdo se smeje, ze jsou jako deka, ale kdyz oni se tak i jmenuji ze? Blanket Scarf…LOL

Ja jsem tuto ulovila na ebay a da se nosit i jako poncho, ale kazdopadne jsem objevila moc krasnou na Asosu. Z nejakeho duvodu jsou ostatni vyprodane, ale vubec se nedivim, protoze tyhle dekove saly proste frci.

Navic jsem vam chtela sdelit, ze se snazim ted byt hodne aktivni na pinterestu, takze me muzet sledovat tady a ja budu rada, kdyz se budu moc inspirovat od vas. 

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