Flowers hunting at Colombia road

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I probably mentioned Colombia road flower market lot of times. Especially going back few years ago when I used to live pretty much round the corner. This Sunday I felt like to go and snap some lovely flowers for my flat as you know I am a fresh flowers lover.

And guys if you have never been trust me this is amazing place (especially if you go after 2pm as the sellers want to sell the last bits so you can get good deals). However one advice…leave your heels at home. It can be very busy and very chaotic so comfort is highly required. Unless you are the opposite of me and you can handle anything when wearing heels. LOL

Well, I went for comfy and it was a perfect choice. And my flat? Lovely smelling flowers in each room.

Have a fantastic week my dears.

Kvetinovy trh na Colombia road jsem urcite zminila mockrat. Hlavne kdyz jsem bydlela nekolik let prakticky za rohem. A v nedeli jsem se po dlouhe dobe rozhodla ulovit nejake cerstve kvetiny za hubicku. Koupim si vzdy treba tri nebo ctyri ruzne kytice a ty si pak doma aranzuju. Asi z instagramu vite, ze kytky proste miluju.

A pokud se sem nekdy vydate, tak to opravdu stoji za to (hlave tak o pul treti, kdy se vetsina prodejcu snazi zbavit zasob, tak ke konci vse slevnuji). Kazdopadne se na to pohodlne oblecte, protoze to byva hlava na hlave. Podpatky nechte doma a radsi nazujte tenisky stejne jako ja. 

Muj outfit ucel splnil a doma uz mi to krasne voni.

Mejte se krasne.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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