Wearing: PLT skirt and Boohoo Top via Fashionchick, Mango Sandals, Sophia’s Earrings, Chloe Bag

Holiday wardrobe is always fun. Every year before I go I kind of create an image or mood board of what my holiday wardrobe should be. One year it is sparkle, the other is glam and this year it was a lot about white and suede. And that is exactly what I am wearing. You already saw suede dress and now it is time for some skirt, frills and white colour. Well, beach wear is a different story…I only need bikini and a good kaftan. However, when I am going to town for a dinner I need to play with fashion a bit. As most of us.

Obleceni na dovolene je vzdy zabava. Pokazde, kdyz se chystam na dovolenou tak si bud vytvarim napady v hlave, a nebo si vytvorim mood board. Jeden rok jsem balila hlavne trpytive veci, druhy spise glam styl a tento rok hlavne bilou barvy, semis a dzinove veci. Uz jste par outfitu mohli videt, ale tentokrat hraje roli prave bila barva a volany spolu se semisovou sukni. Na plazi mi staci plavky a nejaky kaftan, ale na veceri to je jina. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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