Grey Jersey Dress

Wearing: Gucci Bag, Rayban Sunglasses, Zara Dress and Waistcoat, H&M Necklaces, Mango shoes

Tuesday was a hard day. I spent Monday evening with one of my best friends drinking and chatting quite late. And if you do that on Monday then the rest of the week is hard. So in the morning I threw on the first thing from the shelf and this is the results. And that probably explains safe dark colours and this comfortable dress.

Utery bylo narocne, protoze jsem stravila pondeli s kamaradkou klabosenim a popijenim vina. A znate to, kdyz uz zacnete v pondeli, tak se s vama vlece cely tyden a je to proste narocne. Spankovy deficit az do vikendu. A v utery rano jsem na sebe hodila vylozene prvni vec z policky. Vetsinou jdu po tmavych barvach a pohodli. LOL

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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10 comments on “Grey Jersey Dress

  1. This is great style for staying comfy but still chic all day. I like knitted dresses because they are comfy and very versatile.
    Greetings from Andrea

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