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Hi Fashion Lovers
It will be almost impossible (when I am in the process of moving to a new house0 to do some outfit posts. I do apologize but here are more pictures I took for my friend Andra.

Also check out this article about shopping in London I did in cooperation with Ona IDnes. Unfortunately it is only in Czech. 

Hope you like them.
Have a great day.
V dalsich dnech bude temer nemozne vydat nejake outfitove posty, tak alespon par fotografii, jez jsem nafotila kamaradce Andre.

A taky pokud se chystate do Londyna si muzete precist clanek o nakupovani v tomto velkomeste, ktery jsem napsala ve spolupraci s Ona IDnes. 

Snad se vam libi.

Preji vsem krasny a uspesny den.

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