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Outfit: Red Patent and Pink at LFW

Wearing: Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Skirt: Stradivarius, Top: Zara, Coat: H&M, Bag: Bulgari, Sunglasses: Celine

Patent everything has been big for some time and I have been wearing my patent black trousers non stop. However, I decided to spice things up and get this skirt. And I was not the only one in a bold piece like that during LFW. I have seen cool red trousers and so much more.

And Bulgari bags were another hit of this season in London. Bloggers naturally turned the serpenti bags into IT bags and people are going crazy about them. No wonder as they are simply stunning. I love my red one to bits and I always get so many compliments. It is a real beauty!

Lakovana kuze a latex se v posledni dobe rozmohly. Jdou videt absolutne vsude a ja sama jsem sve cerne kalhoty nosila v posledni dobe non stop. Na fashion week jsem se rozhodla trosku pritvrdit a poridila si za hubicku tuhle cervenou sukni. A nebyla jsem jedina, kdo se do tohoto trendu osatil. 

A kabelky Bulgari se take objevovaly na kazdem rohu a neni se cemu divit. Blogeri z klasicke Serpenti kabelky udelaly novou IT kabelku. Bulgari zkratka vsadily na marketingovou silu blogeru a vyplatilo se jim to. Ja na svou cervenou krasku nedam dopustit a vzdy dostanu nespocet komplimentu. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Pleated Peplum Shirt


Wearing: Bag: Bulgari, Shoes: Adidas, Shirt: Boohoo, Jeans: Zara, Sunglasses: Celine

How many of you remembers that episode of Sex and the City when Miranda had the baby and felt her life was over? Well, I have thought of the few scenes from that episode several times. Not that I think my life is over but there are some flashbacks like when Miranda was carrying the car seat with Brady and could not go shopping with the girls or when she struggled to breastfeed.

Well, luckily for those early stages with babies we have online shopping. Yaaay and I did not hesitate to be behind. Actually on the positive side I have more time to search things I like. In my manic schedule before I had hardly any time to look for good deals, new trends or bargains. So, I found this amazing well priced shirt that ticks all the boxes for me at the moment. But mainly it is flattering so perfect not only for fit girls but for hiding a bit of baby weight. LOL

As I say always look at the positives.

Kolik z vas si pamatuje na dil Sexu ve meste, kdy se Mirande narodil maly Brady a myslela si, ze ji zkoncil zivot? Po narozeni Liama si casto na tento dil vzpomenu. Ne ze bych si myslela, ze mi konci zivot, ale vzpominam si na par casti tohoto dilu, kdy se Miranda tahla s autosedackou a nemohla jit s holkama nakupovat a nebo jak ji frustrovalo kojeni. V nekterych vecech se ted momentalne vidim.

No nastesti tady mame nakupovani online a ja mam ted vice casu nez kdykoli predtim. Pamatuju si, jak jsem si drive v mem silene uspechanem rozvrhu chtela najit cas jenom tak brouzdat internetem, vyhledavat kde maji nejnovejsi trendy, najit super slevnene kousky apod. No a ted kdyz jsem doma s Liamem, tak mam i vic casu. A narazila jsem na tuhle uzasnou kosili. Uplne jsem se zamilovala, protoze stoji malo a vypada uzasne. A navic slusi nejen ultra stihlym holkam, ale take holkam jako ja, ktere maji nejake to kilo po porodu navic. Hehe

Jak rikam porad, vzdy hledejte ty positivni stranky.

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Beach and Pool Life

Wearing: Seafolly Bikini via Figleaves, Dior Sunglasses, Market Straw Hat

Although autumn is starting in London and I want to swipe to some other location on my Iphone weather forecast every time I check London weather situation….I am still having fun in the sun. Sicily is beyond gorgeous and I am enjoying life by the sea and lazy afternoons by the pool. I am not that big on sunbathing so I spend a lot of time in the shade with my book.

I packed lot of different bikinis however this model is one of of my favourite. The colour screams summer and they are super comfortable. That is all you need right?

Prestoze v Londyne je uz uz podzim ja si zatim uzivam slunicka na Sicilii. Pocasi doma me ale strasi, pokazde kdyz se na telefonu podivam na predpoved v Londyne, tak rychle preskocim na tu krasnou predpoved v Cefalu. Ja nevim jak vy, ale ja nejsem zase az tak na vypekani pokozky na slunicku. Slunicko mam rada, ale za prve to nevydrzim a za druhe si hlidam slunicko i kvuli tomu jak budu vypadat za dvacet let. 

Ale i presto jsem si sbalila nekolik druhu plavek. Tyhle jsou jedny z nejoblibenejsich, jsou pohodlne a ruzova barva je tak vyrazna, ze ji opravdu nikdo neprehledne. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Tassels are fun

Photos by Iva
Wearing: Mango Shoes, River Island T-shirt, H&M Waistcoat, Celine Bag, Zara Jeans and Rayban Sunglasses

Is it only me or is there something magical about these pictures. The morning sun, the wind and of course the tassels flying around. I just love this cool waistcoat and it really does create a great outfit even from a jeans and white t-shirt combo.

Well, sometimes it is just about that one piece isn’t it. I hope you are having an amazing week. I am back in crazy pace but that is life right?

Zda se mi to nebo tyhle fotografie maji takove skryte kouzlo? Mozna to bude tim rannim slunickem, mozna vitrem a nebo mozna jsou to ty trasne so vlaji vsude kolem. Kdyz jsem v H&M tuhle vestu uvidela tak jsem se hned zamilovala a udela z outfitu uplne neco jineho. I kdyz mam na sobe jenom dziny a bile tricko, tak vesta vytvari outfit se zcela jinym nadechem…nemyslite?

Ja uz jsem opravdu zpatky v pracovnim procesu a muj kolotoc se opet toci porad dokola. No ale zivot je zkratka takovy…doufam, ze si uzivate leta. U nas prakticky jeste zadne nebylo.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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