Last day in Paris

Wearing: Asos Trousers, New Balance Shoes, Coat, Valentino Bag, Dior Sunglasses, Zara Blouse

Have you ever been to fashion week? And if so have you ever tried to look good in heels the first few days? Well, let me tell you that when you get to a last day (unless you are used to this suffering) you are more likely to grab sneakers instead. I was so relieved on a last day of Paris Fashion Week that I packed my favourite trainers. Walking in heels during Fashion Week can be a big task…in London you have the least comfortable cobbled street and in Paris you have Tuileries gardens so your heels get stuck in the sand. And to all this you have to stay glamorous? No way…the last day was all about comfort and I was very happy blogger. Even if Anna Wintour told me I look awful I would not care. LOL

Uz jste si nekdy vyzkouseli byt na fashion weeku a cely tyden vypadat dobre v podpatcich? Jestli ano tak asi chapete, ze clovek trpi jako blazen. Cely den chozeni po prehlidkach a teren si opravdu nevybira. V Londyne jsou to neprakticke kostky v Somerset Housu a v Parizi treba Tueleries zahrady, kde se vam jehly bori do pisku. Nekdy nastavaji bud velmi bolestive nebo velmi komicke situace. A tak jsem posledni den sahla prave po oblibenych teniskach a uprimne jsem byla stastna jako blecha. Tenisky a Pariz sice moc dohromady nejdou, ale ja jsem byla v ten den velmi spokojena blogerka. I kdyby mi ten den sama Anna Wintour rekla, ze vypadam silene….tak by mi to bylo fuk. LOL

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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