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Another day and another press day. This time I joined Littlewoods team to see some ideas what to get for Christmas. The whole place already had Christmas atmosphere and I must say I did not concentrate on fashion this time. I admit I have been looking to get a coffee machine as sometimes I just miss at the weekend not to have a good cup of coffee. I probably looked comical trying to find reviews on some of them just to get an idea which one would be a great first buy. They have a good selection I must say which you can check here.

The whole room was buzzing and I also spotted Louise and Alik from Made in Chelsea as well. However as you may know there is always somebody from MIC at these events. It slowly starts to become a rule. LOL

 Dalsi den a dalsi press day. Tentokrat jsem byla pozvana na akci Littlewoods press day a inspirovat se, co tak koupit ostatnim k Vanocum. Musim se priznat, ze kdyz chodim na tento typ akci a v nabidce jsou veci do domu, tak se vetsinou motam kolem nich a obleceni az tak neresim. Uz nejakou tu dobu premyslim, ze si koupim domu nejaky kavovar. A tech meli v nabidce nekolik. Obcas kdyz jsem o vikendu doma, tak mam proste chut si dat dobrou kavu a nechce se mi jit hned rano do kavarny. A tak si asi brzy nejaky poridim.

Na akci to docela zilo a opet mezi hosty byl nekdo z Made in Chelsea, tentokrat Louise a jeji pritel Alik. Myslim, ze MIC predstavitele jsou proste vsude. Pomalu se to stava pravidlem.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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