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TREND 2024 - THE WHITE DRESS - Eva McMahon wearing white Diish dress and gold disc belt by Black and Brown


Whilst London weather is still playing with us and we are obviously still wearing winter looks I am very much looking at the best of this big 2024 trends. White dresses have appeared on runways of many designers.

The big players like Valentino, Stella McCartney, Michael Kors, Prada, Chloe, Dior and so many others had some form of white dress in their collection. The creativity was beyond and we saw ruffles, lace but also simple dresses. Sometimes it can be so easy to incorporate big trends to our daily style. Think shirt dresses, cute summer dresses, girly A line dresses for spring party and so much more.

I will definitely be wearing again this year my favourite DIISH dress you see in the picture as it is so timeless and also incredibly beautiful and chic. There is something about white as for me it symbolises purity and also from some reason sunshine. Yes, not too practical with two children but life is too short to stop wearing what we want just because it may get dirty. This just reminded me Charlotte’s Scene from SATC when she ended up with print of two little hands on her vintage Valentino skirt.

Good news is that white dress is so easy to wear and easy to combine with the rest of your closet. You can simply throw on any other colour or metallics and it will work with white. Investing in a lovely white dress is also wise as it is quite timeless and we can wear it for so many occasions.

15 Payday treats to move from wishlist to your wardrobe

15 Payday treats to move from wishlist to your wardrobe - Olga loeffler in ducie coat drinking wine and enjoying her pasta
Source: Olga Loeffler

15 Payday treats to move from wishlist to your wardrobe

Some people love to treat themselves on payday with a glass of wine and plate of pasta and some just love to shop. Either or I remember how most of my ex-colleagues went crazy on shopping over lunch break and making big plans. Girls loved to pop out to get the latest makeup and boys loved to splurge on lunch and skipped the beans on toast they were eating toward the end of the month LOL.

So it is time to splurge on yourself whatever the budget lets you. It may be new sunglasses or just get a new classes for that reformer pilates you wanted to try or simple chose something new for your wardrobe. I have included still some wore pieces as simply I believe some will be uber trendy even next winter and to be honest it has been freezing in London.

Yes I am excited for spring and I am myself shopping for spring too but still cannot say no to a cool faux fur coat. I of course had to include some capsule wardrobe items, as well as some quiet luxury pieces as these are the moment. This edit will give you inspiration for modest as well as more out there designs.

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5 Sunglasses trends for 2024

5 Sunglasses trends for 2024 Dizdar-el wearing tortoiseshell oversized tinned sunglasses from Vehla
Source: Dizdar_el

5 Sunglasses trends for 2024

I belive that sunglasses can really make or break your look. They are a key accessory to our outfits and I personally love wearing them and have a decent collection myself. And as with anything in fashion certains designs come and go so let’s see what is going to be peaking in 2024.

Angular frames

One of my most favourite trends and you find them whether you walk to Celine, YSL or Dior store. I feel they flatter so many people and you really can play with geometric shape and have a bit of fun. I love the contrast you can create and simply we can all find the one for us.

Oversized Aviators

I would be surprised if you have not seen the super popular Tom Ford oversized aviators with tinted lenses. These are everywhere and I personally also tried them on few times. LOL. We are really talking oversized here and very striking models that are cool but I personally think not everybody can pull these off. It does not change a fact that I do love this trend a lot. These sunglasses are exactly the one type that will finish off a cool look immaculately.

Rayban clubmaster vibe

Lot of you will love the fact that the classic clubmaster look is trending in 2024. It feels like wearing a classic but kind of wrapped in a new coat. So many designers have their own version of this model and is bringing us back in memories. I need to take out my classic Raybans and rock them with pride this year.


I have always been in love with tortoiseshell and so happy this year it is bigger than ever. I have my Prada 17 ws model but love these even with the combinations of different lenses colours like we have seen with the Tom Ford models. So on this occasion you can go wild and combine the two or stay timeless.

Classic Cat Eye

I love my cat eye models and delighted these are not going anywhere. To be fair I think I will always wear these as they compliment me. But if you are cat eye sunglasses lover this is good news. You can never go wrong with classic black and I feel it goes with a trend of quiet luxury as long as you chose a design without a huge logo.

5 Sunglasses trends for 2024 Elsa hosk wearing black angular sunglasses
Source: Elsa Hosk
5 Sunglasses trends for 2024 Dizdar_el wearing angular black sunglasses
Source: Dizdar_el
5 Sunglasses trends for 2024 Eva McMahon wearing Bottega venetta black cat eye sunglasses BV1005S
5 Sunglasses trends for 2024 Elsa Hosk wearing oversized aviator sunglasses with orange lenses
Source: Elsa Hosk

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My honest Demellier bags review

My honest Demellier bags review Picture of me wearing the New York Tote midi in black
The New York Tote Midi in Black

My honest Demellier bags review

As a bag lover I love to change things up. Yes, some women may have one bag and wear just that one however for me bags can make or break the outfit. I love experimenting with different designer brands and premium luxury brands.

Demellier London is a brand I fell in love with a while back. I also did some articles in the past when I wrote for Harper’s Bazaar and ELLE as I could feel the brand is on the rise. I really feel they are stunning and top quality affordable bags.

One day a friend of mine Lorna who may know from Instagram as Symphony of Silk messaged me she wants me to have one of the Demellier ICONS. I was over the moon. The brand does influencer’s collections with exclusive colours and each influencer stands behind different design and thanks to Lorna and The Nano Montreal I had my first Demellier bag. Once I touched it and used I became a fan number one. Since then my collection grew and I I can only vouch for the quality and the designs. The brand also prides themselves of being sustainable and they manage their marketing and campaigns extremely well.

The Nano Montreal

Despite of the smaller size I find this bag very practical. When I travelled last summer and went away for weeks it was my bag of choice to bring to go with light outfits. I love that it has got top handle and it transforms immediately to a chic bag suitable for day and evening. You can wear it running around and thanks to the detachable strap you can have free hands if needed. It compliments even simple day looks and transforms them very fast. It is big enough to fit my phone, card holder, sunglasses, keys and few small items. And the Princess of Wales have also been seen wearing this model which definitely gives this bag even more credibility.

The New York Tote Midi

What a bag! I have a feeling this might be the most popular model from this brand and I am not surprised. The Midi is a perfect size however the full size also looks fantastic and goes with the current trend of large bags. I love the midi as it is not too big or too small and perfect if you need to fit in more things. The crossbody strap is also a bonus. I have the black one with gold hard wear and beautiful light green which was instantly sold out. I really wish they would bring this colour back.

The quality of the leather and how the bag is made is very high. I have been wearing these bags a lot and let’s say as a busy mum I may not have time to always think I should be careful when handling the bags. Yet, they still look so fabulous. When I saw the suede one in the autumn I thought what an incredible shade and texture and kept daydreaming about this bag. LOL. Well, I really feel this bag is worth every penny.

The Cannes clutch

I wish I had this model last summer. I went for the gold option as I feel metallics are so easy to combine. I also spent some time in Cannes in South France so what are the chances to wear the bag that carries a name of one of my favourite places on Earth. It really makes any outfit and I love the idea of simple looks and just let the clutch do the talk. And again the designers thought of practicality and added a chain if you get tired of wearing it as a clutch. The only small downside of this bag is the that you need to fill it in a bit to create that full shape. Otherwise it is perfection.

The Vancouver clutch

I wanted this bag for a long time and this is my latest edition so I have no images of me wearing it. However, I am in love. I only filmed unboxing few days ago and cannot wait to wear this beauty. The craftsmanship again is to a high standard and it has a chain as well.

I find this bag probably the most chic out of the ones I own and really wanted the croc version. There is also small separate pocket inside with a zip and despite of the size I feel it fits the most important things like keys, phone, lipgloss and perhaps even sunglasses if your case is not too bulky.

My honest Demellier bags review - Eva Mcmahon wearing the Cannes clutch Demellier London in Gold
The Cannes in Gold
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