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10 European summer outfits

Belen Hostalet wearing simple white dress with chunky gold necklace and burgundy bag
Source: Belenhostalet

10 European summer outfits to wear this year


Summer is here at least according to calendar. Being in London makes summer more difficult this year and so far it has been the worst summer I can remember in the last 20 years. The other day I had to wear full on autumn outfit and I can only keep dreaming of wearing these cut fits right now.

So European summer is on hold at least until I go to Czech and then Croatia and I am hoping the weather will be better than what we have now. However I love scrolling and looking at these girls living their dream in cute looks all around Europe so thought I would share some of my favourites so you have them at one big folder to come back to.

I personally love white in the summer, sequins and also adding bit of fun colour or print and this is what these outfits are about. Whether your style feels fun and you like bit of unusual looks or more classy there is one for you. I would not mind to have them all right now. And how different are the pink shorts?

And if you are still looking at perfect Eras tour outfits I have so many fabulous options here. And I promise you will have the best night of your hlife. I certainly loved every second of it.

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Lilac christopher esber dress
Source: Audreyafs
outfit cute lemon tshirt and striped shorts
Source: Nadiyalyalko
stunning white dress with high mules
Source: Juliesfi
pink tailored longer shorts
Source: Maynik
Stunning sequin gold and blue maxi dress
jeans, trainers and checked blouse with hearts on sleeves
Source: Nadiyalyalko
Blue summer set with large birkin
Source: Emilisindlev
leopard mini dress with cherry dior bag and cherry heels
Source: Ninasandbech
Elegant waistcaoat with black maxi and chanel burgundy bag
Source: Elodiepulici

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Eras Tour dresses and outfit ideas

Eras Tour dresses and outfit ideas - lovely dresses including sequin and fringed dress, gold lace dress and pink sequin dress

Eras Tour dresses and outfit ideas

Era’s tour continues this year in Europe and other parts of the world and that means we need some major inspiration.

I am attending this month in London and my group of friends have chosen the theme Lover which I really want to stick to but if it was up to me I would definitely go for different theme. However, when teenagers decide what can mums really say. Let’s have them to have some fun and enjoy the concert to maximum.

Anyway, because I have been browsing so much searching for inspiration I decided to share it with you. For me the outfits should be fun, perhaps a bit of sparkle with touch of country that goes back to Taylor’s roots. One thing is definite that the outfits people were are just out of this world. You know I love sequins and just bit of glam. I still have not found my perfect dress as I want to go with the theme but love one particular dress from this edit that I think may work. I also as most people need to think of comfort as you spend hours of dacing, signing and who knows what British weather will bring. It is always full of surprises.

My fyp on Tiktok is covered with stunning DIY bodies and dresses and so many unique looks. The main thing is to feel good and really enjoy the show.

Luckily there are plenty to chose from an also amazing deals. Act now for our exclusive Marks and Spencer offer at Rewardoo!

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3 spring summer looks under 150 £

3 spring summer looks under 150 £ easy summer look with flats, gold earrings, sweatshirt and white mini skirt


3 spring summer looks under 150 £

We finally saw some sunshine and so many of you often ask for more budget friendly options of what to wear. You can always look stylish and comfortable even if your budget does not stretch to top end designer. Your outfits do not have to cost thousands of pounds. I created outfits under 150 £ including shoes and accessories you can wear this season.

These looks are so easy and what is the best part of it…they kind of work together and you can mix and match these looks. White is perfect for summer and white skirts are bigger then ever whether you prefer short or long. Of course I had to include some hats, sunglasses and also stripe top. I feel a must have is a cute sweatshirt perhaps in lighter shades for summer to compliment denim, skirts or even throw it over the dress when it gets perhaps chilly in the evenings.

You can also find heels as shoe options as well as the hyped Mary Jane style shoes and some basket bags. And don’t forget jewellery is a great way how to spice up your outfits and you do not have to spend a fortune at all. And then think of things like sunglasses, necklaces and perhaps scarf you can tie in your hear or wear on your bag.

It is honestly brilliant how we can play with fashion and thanks to our high-street look great on any occasion.

3 spring summer looks under 150 £ summer look - ballet flats, black basket bag, straw hat, white maxi and striped top


3 spring summer looks under 150 £ very summer look with white shorts and top and brown accessories


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Oversized bags and functional trend in 2024

Oversized bags and functional trend in 2024  Eva Mcmahon wearing YSL Jamie bag with sequin coat

Oversized bags and functional trend in 2024

As somebody that works in fashion and adores fashion I cannot pick in between large or small bags. I have inclined in the last few years to smaller but absolutely find large bags very practical and cool.

And the bags are getting big and even bigger than you thought. My dream bag would be the XXL Chanel Flap bag. I find it extremely timeless and cool especially for travel. I still love my LV Never full despite so many people thinking it is an ick bag. Gosh as a mum I rely on it so many times as it really is never full. I love my Demellier New York totes I have black and green.

However, I fell in love with the large bags from YSL and the Row. Yes we know the Margaux is being on the reseller market place for extortionate prices. And of course all the cool girls have it already as they were ahead of most of us. The large Birkins are becoming popular again and of course high-street players are trying come out with dupes in their collections whether it is the the YSL totes or the sought after Margaux.

I just love the practicality of these bags as if you are a corporate girlie, pilates girlie or just mum like me you can fit your life in and still look trendy. So it has lot of benefits. The only disadvantage is that your shoulder may hurt LOL.

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