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Outfit: Merry Christmas and Christmas Eve thoughts

Pictures taken in Prague by Iva 

Wearing: Boots: Allsaints, Bag: Chanel, Coat: Zara, Dress: River Island, Hat: River Island

It is the morning of Christmas Eve and I woke up so so early (my own body already thinks it is normal after 2 years of being a mom). I just looked at the time when writing this and the time showed 4:44 which I guess is a good sign. I simply believe in these spiritual numbers. I have planned to write this post on Christmas Eve to make sure the thoughts are current and from the same day.

I kind of feel lucky to be able to have two Christmases and celebrate Czech Christmas on 24th and then Irish on the following day. However it also means more cooking for me which I personally do not mind though LOL. I am seriously thinking at this stage to film at least a bit today as so many of my foreign youtube subscribers want to know more about the Czech side of life so let’s see if I can manage it all and film the last day of vlogmas.

I really want to take the next few days and think about where my blog, social media and youtube will go. What strategy shall I take. However, every time I start to do that I realise that the best thing is to be yourself. It is so easy to get influenced by what others are doing but ultimately the best is to be you and that will be the plan for me. I know there are accounts that are growing so fast due to their immaculate images but I also need to realise that they may have totally different circumstances to be able to create them.

I believe that next year will be simply an amazing one. I feel it in my bones and lot of us will reach their dreams and goals. 2018 was somehow up and down with few personal issues to deal with but at the end of the day you always realise it is how you look at things and that always helps you to come out in the best possible ways. And after all we just bought a house in London. What a dream!!! If you ever told me few years ago that we will have a 4 bedroom house in a nice neighbourhood in London I would be very sceptical. So life is good and even more than that. Let’s appreciate even the smallest things in life and be grateful.

Merry Christmas everybody and enjoy every single moment of the holidays and may your dreams come true this Christmas.

Je Stedry den a ja se vzbudila velmi rano (to tak je kdyz si telo zvykne po dvou letech materstvi a budi se samo). A ted jsem se podivala na hodinky a bylo 4:44 coz je vzdy dobre znameni. A celou dobu bylo mym planem napsat dnesni clanek dnes, aby byl clanek opravdu aktualni a cerstvy z dnesniho rana.

Prijde mi to nahodou super, ze slavime dvoje Vanoce. 24. prosince si dame Stedrovecerni veceri v podobe ryby a salatu a dame si nejake darky a 25. rozbalime darky od Santy a od rana pak pecu krocana, sunku a vubec celou Irskou Vanocni veceri v te podobe jak ji znate z Britskych ci Americkych filmu. Docela premyslim, ze bych dneska chtela vlogovat v anglictine, protoze cizinci, co sleduji ma videa na youtube casto chteji vedet vice o Cesku a nasich tradicich.

Dalsich par dni bych chtela venovat i tomu, ze popremyslim jakym smerech bych chtela jit v ramci blogu, socialnich siti a youtube kanalu. Pokazde kdyz takto zacnu premyslet se stejne vracim k tomu, ze nejlepsi je byt sam sebou. Na Instagramu se to hemzi dokonalosti a fotkama jako z jineho sveta a nektere ucty rostou zavratnou rychlosti, ale ja si musim uvedomit, ze treba ti lide maji uplne jine podminky na tvoreni takoveho obsahu. Clovek muze udelat vzdy jen sve maximum v momentalni situaci. 

Ja stejne verim, ze 2019 bude uzasny a ma pry i byt. Tento rok byl takovy jako na horske draze. Jednou nahore a jednou dole, ale podle me je to vse o tom jak se clovek diva na situaci. Kazda vec i ta spatna se deje z nejake duvodu a ma nas neco naucit a je treba tak zivot brat. A uz jenom to, ze mame novy dum v hezke ctvrti, kde jsou 4 loznice je neskutecne. Kdyby mi nekdo rekl, kdyz jsem poprve prisla do Londyna, ze tohle se stane, byla bych velmi skepticka. Je opravdu byt za co vdecny. 

A tak preji vsem krasne svatky a at se vam vsem splni tajna prani.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Hands up who loves shopping? And hands up who loves sales and discount shopping especially on things that are rarely discounted?

The biggest day of the year when it comes to sales shopping is here Black Friday and I am bringing you edits and selection of the best discount codes out there. If you are not much of a reader and you prefer to watch videos make sure to watch my Black Friday Haul.

It is amazing shopping weekend as you can sort out all Christmas shopping for much less, you can finally get that dreamy sofa for less or get your hands on designer bag that is never ever in the sale. Even 20 % off makes huge difference on luxury items and you can get yourself something fabulous for holidays.

So get yourself a cup of tea and happy shopping!

Ruku nahoru kdo rad nakupuje?! A ruku nahoru kdo rad nakupuje ve slevach a akcich a to obvzlast na vecech, ktere byvaji ve slevach jenom vyjimecne. Nejvetsi nakupni den v roce Black Friday je tady a ja jsem vam pripravila spoustu editu a slevovych kodu. A pokud vas cteni moc nebere a mate radsi video, tak se urcite podivejte na muj Black Friday Haul.

Na Black Friday je skvele to, ze se da poridit vse mozne od elektroniky, pres kosmetiku az po veci do domacnosti a to pred Vanoci. Je to skvela doba na to poridit vsem Vanocni darky za mene a nebo si konecne koupit vysnenou kabelku. 

Tak si udelejte salek kavy a jdeme nato. Preji prijemne nakupovani.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


30% off everything with code BLACKFRIDAY



Up to 20% off site-wide, using the code SELFCCE

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Up to 25% off in private sale

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30 % OFF full priced items CODE BF30 (star items excluded)

20 % OFF sale items CODE BF20


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20% off almost everything CODE: WHITE20
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15% off full price

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20% off £75 and above (UK)

20% off €100 and above (IE)

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25% off everything with code FRIDAY25

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15% off any order and free delivery with code BLACK
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10% off full price items with code BF10N 

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Black Friday is almost here and as every year so many shoppers will want to grab a bargain. I am a huge fan of the biggest sales of the year as it is right before Christmas and I  can get gorgeous super luxury items for much less. This year is even more exciting as I will be looking at home decor items and any appliances that are often in sale.

On the other hand though shoppers can get carry away and perhaps end up having things they do not want or need just because they were on sale. So why not to stick to some shopping rules to avoid those unnecessary purchases?!

Black Friday je pro mnoho lidi velkou nakupni udalosti. Popularite se tesi hlavne v USA a v Britanii, ale myslim, ze tento velky trend se uz dostava i do Evropy a dalsich kontinentu.  Neni na skodu slev v tomto obdobi vyuzit, protoze nas cekaji Vanoce a take si casto muzeme poridit drazsi a luxusni kousky za vic. Napriklad ja letos budu spise pokukovat o vecech do domu a take elektrospotrebicech. 

Bohuzel spousta zakazniku muze byt v tomto obdobi zmatena a nevi kde s nakupy zacit, co si poridit a jak. A to je normalni, protoze v tak velkem mnozstvi nabidek muze clovek ztrati prehled a zacne nakupovat zbytecnosti jen protoze jsou ve sleve. A tak jsem si rikala, ze sepisu par tipu jak na to. 


List of items you really want/Napiste si seznam veci co si prejete

It is important to have a list whether that is list of items you want or need for the house or Christmas presents ideas list. It really helps as then you can just go item by item and look for them in the sales. Is it a favourite face cream or pair of shoes? Then check for retailers that may have those offers. I have a permanent wish-list of items here so it is easy for me as I can always go and check items I like.

Je dulezite si napsat seznam, at uz jsou to veci, ktere chcete pro sebe ci nejake Vanocni darky. Je dobre potom jit podle seznamu a podivat se, kteri prodejci maji treba vas oblibeny krem ci vysnene boty ve sleve. Ja mam vlastne svuj permanentni seznam tady a tak je to pro me trosku jednodussi, ale letos si napisu i seznam zvlast s vecma do domacnosti.

Check Offers from last year/Vyhledejte si akce, ktere byly loni

A good place where to start is also to take notes each year which retailers had good offers and what sort of offers. There are lot of articles online and I often use the one I wrote previous year which you can read here. Firstly more likely these retailers will have similar offers or better and secondly this will also help you to prioritise. Some online magazines and newspapers also list tips before Friday.

Nebylo by na skodu si kazdy rok nekde napsat, kteri prodejci akci poradaji. Ja treba vzdy pouzivam svuj stary clanek z predchoziho roku, ktery mi da napady a predstavu na ktere e-shopy se soustredit. Ten si muzete projit tady. Je totiz mozne, ze stejny e-shop bude mit podobnou akci. No a ty si predem projdu a kdyz se mi na jejich strankach neco libi, tak si to dam na svuj wish-list a v patek rychle poridim.

Shop Christmas presents/Nakupte si Vanocni darky

It is one of the easiest ways how you can shop Christmas presents. So be ready. You still have time to ask your children to write a letter of their wishes or asked your loved ones if there is anything specific they are after. You can really get yourself a bargain.

Tento Cyber weekend muzete napriklad koupit Vanocni darky. A tak se na to pripravte, dneska mate do Patku jeste cas a tak napiste s detmi dopis Jeziskovi a nebo se zeptejte svych blizkych, co by si prali. A tak se muzete pri nakupech soustredit prave na tyto veci. 

Have a back up plan/Mejte vzdy pripraveny Plan B

It is always good to have a back plan. So if you want that specific TV, make sure you also have 2nd best and third best option on your list and the same comes to anything else. Black Friday can be manic and you will not have time to start to do the research on other items in the middle of the madness.

Mejte vzdy v zaloze seznam veci, ktere jsou u vas ci vasich blizkych na druhem miste. Napriklad kdyz si chcete poridit televizi a mate svuj vysneny model, ktera televize bude na druhem miste?! Muzete totiz narazit na super akci a bylo by skoda toho nevyuzit. A ja vam garantuju, ze zacit delat pruzkum trhu na posledni chvili nekde v obchode na telefonu se vam asi nevyplati. 

Use early offers/Vyuzijte drivejsich slev a nabidek

If you are really keen to shop in the sales earlier you can do so with lot of retailers. I think the competition is big and each year stores are coming up with clever marketing ways how to get ahead and bring offers already Monday that week. So here are some places you can shop already.

Jestli nechcete cekat az do patku, mate sanci. Kazdy rok konkurence prinasi akce drive a drive a letos uz muzete na spouste e-shopu nakupovat s predstihem. A tady je takovy mensi vyber. 







Up to 30 % off on selected items



20 % off early black Friday offer for students



25 % OFF everything – early Black Friday (limited time only)





30 % OFF

EDIT: Grab yourself designer shoes for less at Luisa Via Roma!

As most women even I am a shoe lover. Of course I do love bags but recently I have discovered that when I invest in a pair of shoes I wear them over and over again. They have that power of transferring any outfit within a second and they simply create a smile on my face.

However not everybody has got big enough budget to buy three pair of designer shoes a month so it is always good to wait for sales and different offers to grab that dream pair. I do often wait myself for sales or events like Black Friday as I know it makes a huge difference in highly priced designer items to get few percent off. One of my favourite online shops to buy from is definitely Luisa Via Roma. I also visited their store in Florence which is a must see shopping spot there.

And pretty much as every year Luisa Via Roma will have Black Friday offers so I wanted to create a gorgeous shoes edit as you can start to decide what lush item you will be adding to your closet.

However if you feel like waiting for Black Friday is not for you…you can still shop 15 % cheaper items (the star items excluded) if you download Luisa Via Roma app.

Jako vetsina zen i ja jsem milovnice botu. To vite, ze mam rada i kabelky, ale nejak jsem zjistila, ze kdyz opravdu investuju do drazsich botu, ze je nosim porad dokola a ta investice se vyplati. A navic boty dokazou zmenit styling behem vteriny.

Jenomze ne kazdy ma rozpocet si koupit troje designerske boty do mesice a tak nekdo z nas musi setrit ci pockat na slevy. Ted je pred nama nejvetsi nakupni akce roku a to Black Friday a to je idealni doba na to poridit darky bud pro sebe nebo pro jine a treba si poridit vysneny par botu za mene. Ja osobne casto lovim na oblibenych designerskych e-shopech a jeden z mych top je urcite Luisa via Roma. Jako kazdy rok budou i letos poradat akce v ramci Black Friday a proto jsem se rozhodla vytvorit takovy shoe edit, ktery by vas snad mohl inspirovat.

A navic pokud si stahnete aplikaci Luisa via roma, tak mate slevu 15 % na produkty, ktere nejsou oznaceny hvezdickou, takze vlastne ani nemusite cekat.




Whether you are looking for chic flats or interesting sandals for upcoming party season the selection is huge. I would say it is more problem to decide if you want trendy Balenciaga shoes or just classic pair of Jimmy Choos.

Jestli uz chcete krasne nizke boty nebo zajimave sandalky, tak vyber je opravdu obrovsky. Je spise problem jestli chcete neco z trendujici Balenciaga kolekce nebo nadcasove modely od Jimmy Choo.




For those who want to grab a pair of trainers as they are more sporty than glam there is enough to chose from. They have huge selection of “ugly” trainers models so hurry up.

Pro ty, kteri jsou spise na sportovnejsi obuv je taky hodne na vyber, jestli uz chcete cenove dostupnou klasiku, ci treba neco z trendu jako “ugly” trainers. 




And there would not be a winter without a good and nice pair of boots. I am really loving their selection of Givenchy and Saint Laurent models and still keep dreaming of having them all.

A nebyla by to ani poradna zima bez nejakych krasnych kozacek. At uz mate radi kotnickove ci nejaky skvely kousek nad kolena. Ja jsem zamilovana do vetsiny kousku od Saint Laurent a Givenchy. A tak dal snim, ze budou vsechny moje.


Love Glamazon xoxo