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Outfit: British Fashion Awards in Attico

Wearing: Dress: Attico via Farfetch, Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Bag: Skinny Dip

This week started slightly differently than any other week as I got to attend British Fashion Awards. One of the most exciting and most glamorous events in Fashion in UK. And let me tell you it was an incredible experience.

I was so blown away by all the talent and glamour that decided to dedicate my ELLE column to this fabulous evening. It really deserves a spot in any magazine. Royal Albert Hall was full of talented fashion industry professionals, stars, actors, singers and the biggest fashion icons. And each time somebody appeared on the stage I thought it would not get any better and then it did. Whether that was Naomi, Julia Roberts, Janet Jackson, Rihanna and so many other amazing people. Daniel Lee from Bottega Veneta scored 4 awards which is unreal. When I posted this on my Instagram my friend Veronika messaged me that she remembers when he started as an intern for Celine. At the time she worked for Celine as a fit model and look few years later he is an incredible fashion star. That is just mind-blowing. From intern to 4 awards in 2019 in just few years.

You probably read so much online that I do not want to repeat all the successes some people got to celebrate that night. However, I wanted to share with you my thoughts. Firstly, I admit I was a bit nervous. Is my dress good enough? You always question that as you are surrounded by incredible famous people that have professionals and full teams that help them to get ready. In the end I was so happy with my dress, my makeup and my hair. I chose this green dress by Attico from Farfetch and I felt amazing. It is glam, it is comfortable and the colour really helps you stand out. Together with my black Manolos and sparkly bag it created perfect combo.

 The whole night was just unforgettable and I wish everybody could experience it. When it all finished I felt so inspired and motivated. It was simply an evening I will never forget.

Tento tyden pro me zacal trosku netradicne a v pondeli jsem mela tu cest se zucastnit British Fashion Awards. Je to jedna z nejvetsich modnich udalosti roku.  A muzu vam rict, ze to byl prekrasny zazitek.

Byla jsem tak nadsena, ze muj tydenni clanek pro ELLE jsem venovala prave tomuto veceru a pokud jste ho jeste necetli, podivejte se tady. Jelikoz tato akce byla snad ve vsech novinach i na socialnich mediich, nebudu vam tady opakovat, ze to bylo velkolepe a ze sal byl plnych hvezd jako Julia Roberts, Rihanna, Tom Cruise ci Janet Jackson. A o tom kdo odchazel s nejakym ocenenim se urcite doctete i jinde.

Spis jsem s vama chtela sdilet moje pocity. Pri pripravach jsem se citila trosku nejiste. Ale to je pochopitelne. Jdete na akci, kde jsou mega Hollywoodske hvezdy, ktere maji na pripravu hodiny a cele tymy. Maji na vyber ty nejlepsi saty a kazdy navrhar se asi muze pretrhnout, aby si na vecer vybrali prave ty jeho. Ja jsem se rozhodla pro zajimave zelene saty znacky Attico z online shopu Farfetch a podle odezvy na mem Instagramu to byla urcite skvela volba. Uz dlouho mi neprislo tolik zprav. Ve finale jsem se citila opravdu dobre a prestoze to nebyla klasicka vecerni roba, byla jsem opravdu spokojena. O vlasy se mi postaral salon Herseson, ktery ma na starosti hvezdy jako Victoria Beckham a byla jsem moc spokojena. Jak asi vite, nosim vlasy casto rozpustene, takze tohle byla prijemna zmena. 

Z vecera jsem odchazela jako ve snu. Nacerpala jsem za tech par hodin tolik inspirace, odesla jsem motivovana a myslim, ze na tuto zkusenost nikdy nezapomenu. 


This article contains affiliate links and gifted items. This is not a sponsored post. 


The biggest shopping week of the year is here. I feel the buzz is getting bigger and bigger each year. I sometimes feel myself a bit lost in the sea of offers, sales and discount codes but let’s face it so many of dreamy items from investment items to more trendy pieces are discounted. It is perfect week to snap designer bag for less, new TV you wanted all year long or treat yourself to a piece of jewellery. And it is the best time of the year to do Christmas shopping. If you get organised (read my guide to Black Friday shopping here) you can get everything you need during Cyber Week.

So I am bringing my personal selection of fab items, discount codes and offers to you!!! You can go through all the offers and edits below.

Happy shopping

Nejvetsi nakupni tyden roku je tady – Cyber Week. Pripada mi, ze silenstvi je kazdy rok vetsi a vetsi. A kazdy rok se sama vice a vice ztracim v zaplave slevovych kodu, akci a vyprodeju. Kazda firma se snazi vyuzit faktu, ze lidi blazni a nakupuji. Ale na druhou stranu je to opravdu super tyden na to ulovit vysnene kousky, at uz je to nova televize ci draha kabelka. Ale muze to byt i svetr z retezce, ktery je zkratka tento tyden v akci. No a hlavne, kdyz si vse poradne naplanujete, muzete nakoupit Vanocni darky za mene a s predstihem. Napsala jsem cely clanek o tom jak nakupovat a nezblaznit se z toho behem cyber tydne.

A tak i tento rok vam prinasim clanek plny skvelych veci, slev, akci a slevovych kodu. 

Tak preji prijemne a co nejklidnejsi nakupovani.



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The best party wear

Party season is about to hit and that means not only lot of glasses of bubbles but also cute dresses, jumpsuits and lot of fun styling. December is one of my favourite parts of the year just because we can be more out there with fashion. We can wear sequins, leather, velvet and put on those super feminine heavy fragrances and bold lips. We can go bigger than ever and that is what I love. It is the time of the year that is calling for few new additions as it is perfect time to dress up. Whether you are just keen to look fab on Christmas Day or enjoy endless nights with your girlfriends in a local bar.

I am loving so much stuff from Retrofete, Magda Butrym and Attico however I have included also some fab affordable highstreet options.

Nejvetsi party sezona je pred nama a to znamena nejen spoustu sklenicek sampana, ale take uzasna moda plna flitru, sametu a vyraznych sperku. Prosinec mam rada uz jenom pro to velke spolecenske vyziti, vecirky, ale hlavne v mode si to clovek opravdu uzije. At uz mate chut na dobre padnouci cerny overal ci dlouhe flitrove saty, clovek ma konecne moznost se poradne vyblaznit. Nekdo se rad oblece slavnostne k Vanocnimu stolu a jiny zase na drink s prateli. Tak ci tak prinasim vam vyber krasnych party kousku, tak snad si najdete ten svuj. 

Jeden z mych favoritu jsou urcite znacky jako Retrofete, Attico a Magda Butrym, ale zaradila jsem i cenove mnohem dostupnejsi kousky. 


How to prepare & shop – Black Friday Sales

Picture: Rebecca Spencer 

Wearing: Dress: Allsaints, Blazer: Next, Belt: Next 

One of the biggest shopping weeks of the year is approaching and I wanted to share with you some tips how you can shop effectively and focus on things you actually need. Sales can be sometimes very tempting so some people buy stuff just because they are discounted and then do not use those items at all.

So how can you prepare without being overwhelmed and shop effectively?

  1. Create a wish-list – Sit down and write down the items you need/want. Remember want isn’t need. I am sharing some of items I have my eyes on below if you want to have a look. This time of the year is great for shopping designers as you can get really good deals however if you want trendy high-street piece you can also snap things cheaper. However you may need stuff for household, holiday or sofa. It really is up to you but planning is key.
  2. Prioritise this wish-list – Make sure you have good order of the items you want. If things go wild online you do not want to panic and buy one item over the other.
  3. Make a list of Christmas presents – This time is amazing to snap some bargains for Christmas. Why wait and buy presents for loved ones when they are back full price? Do it now.
  4. Think of your favourite retailers and write them down – most brands have offers, if you do not want anything specific but want to browse around to see if there is anything you like…you can go by retailers.
  5. Use Shoptagr app – it gives you an alert if your favourite item goes on sale or if it is back in stock. It is easy way how to track discounts.
  6. Read articles that have lists full of discount codes – Shoptagr is amazing but it will only show you if the price actually changes. Lot of retailers only show discount codes which you apply at check out. Many bloggers, printed and online magazines share tons of discount codes and offers so keep an eye on those.
  7. Buy timeless things that you will have and use for a long time – this is a great time to shop for classic items. If you buy black leather jacket 30 % off you will have this piece for a long time. Trends are amazing but your cost per wear will be even better with classic items.

So hopefully you will do some amazing shopping this year. Definitely bookmark this page as I will be sharing some discounts and offers during Black Friday, I may do the same on my youtube channel so why don’t you subscribe not to miss out.

Jedna z nejvetsich nakupnich udalosti roku se pomalu blizi a tak me napadlo s vama sdilet par tipu jak muzete nakupovat efektivne a soustredit se na veci, ktere opravdu potrebujete. Vyprodeje jsou super, ale obcas clovek nakoupi veci bez rozumu a nakonec zjisti, ze danou vec nepouziva ci nenosi. 

A jak se teda pripravit na nakupy behem cerneho patku? 

  1. Napiste si seznam/wish-list – Udelejte si cas a napiste si seznam veci, ktere potrebujete ci chcete. Hlavne si udelejte poradek v tom, co je jen chtic a co potreba. V tuto dobu se skvele nakupuji drazsi designerske kousky a slevy se vyplati, ale muze to byt klidne kosile z retezce. Zalezi na vasem rozpoctu, vkusu a potrebach. Nekdo chce novou pohovku a druhy nove lyze. Jen je dobre planovat, protoze v teto dobe muze nastat panika a vas vysneny kousek muze byt hned vyporadny.
  2. Napiste si poradi – Az budete mit seznam veci, co chcete, napiste si je do poradi od te co chcete nejvice. Pomuze vam to v rozhodovani na posledni chvili. Protoze kdyz opravdu chcete sedacku, ale pak nahodou uvidite kabelku Chloe o 30 % levnejsi, mozna na sedacku uplne zapomenete. Ujasnete si sve priority.
  3. Napiste si seznam darku k Vanocum – Nekdo nakupuje Vanocni darky na posledni chvili, ale v teto dobe muzete najit opravdu vyhodne ceny. A proc kupovat tu samou vec o par dni pozdeji za vice. Zeptejte se svych blizkych s predstihem a snad ulovite co je potreba za mnohem mene.
  4. Pokud nemate nic co vylozene chcete, ale radi nakupujete, napiste si seznam vasich oblibenych obchodu a behem slev omrknete jejich stranky. Urcite na neco potom narazite a treba si to ve finale rozmyslite.
  5. Stahnete si aplikaci Shoptagr – je to aplikace, kde si muzet ulozit veci, co se vam libi a hned jak jdou do slevy, prijde vam oznameni. Je to jednoduchy zpusob jak nakupovat vyhodneji. To same plati, pokud se vec vyproda a obchod ji znova naskladni, prijde vam opet oznameni. 
  6. Najdete si clanek se slevovymi kody – Vyse zmineny Shoptagr vam ukaze pouze pokud se na strankach opravdu ukaze levnejsi cena, ale spousta obchodu cenu nemeni, pouze nabizi slevovych kod. Blogeri, online magaziny i noviny v tomto tydnu sdili desitky slevovych kodu, tak se urcite podivejte na sve oblibence. 
  7. Jeden z mych tipu je urcite, nakupovat klasicke kousky, ktere nevyjdou z mody. Trendove veci jsou take skvele, ale dobre kozene bundy, kvalitnich botu ci kabelky nebudete litovat. V teto dobe se skvele nakupuji nadcasove veci. 

Tak snad se letos dobre pripravite a nakoupite podle svych predstav. Urcite se podivejte behem cerneho patku na muj blog, protoze kazdy rok sdilim desitky slevovych kodu. A snad vyjde i video na youtube, tak se urcite prihlaste k odberu, at vam nic neunikne. 


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