Milan girl in new boots

Dear bloggers,

I love dots and I also love my new grey boots I bought in Milan. How is it possible that leather can be soooo soft. I was touching it and smelling it (yes I do this in every shop) and admiring the beauty of soft leather like this. I have the same model of boots that are tan shade and they are so practical so when I saw these I did not hesitate.
The weather in Milan was so good, latte drinking outside and watching people and just soaking the relaxed energy. However now I am back to London and taking my fur collar out with my Burberry mac. Perhaps even gloves.

Have a great day and stay warm :DDD

Love Glamazon xoxo

Miluju puntiky a taky tyhle nove kozacky, ktere jsem si koupila v Milane. Jak je mozne, ze kuze muze byt tak mekoucka? Porad jsem ji chytala, cuchala (ano tohle delam v kazdem obchode) a obdivovala jak krasna a jemnoucka kuze to je. Mam uplne ten samy model v hnede barve, tyhle kozacky mam uz treti rok a byla jsem s nima spokojena, takze kdyz jsem objevila tyhle, nevahala jsem.

Jinak pocasi v Milane bylo uzasne, Latte jsme usrkavaly na slunicku a koukaly na lidi a snazily se nabrat co nejvice energie. Ted jsem ale zpatky v Londyne a musim bohuzel vytahnout muj kozesinovy limec a Burberry trench, mozna snad i rukavice.

Preji krasny den a at je vam hezky teploucko.

Love Glamazon xoxo

Wearing: Next blouse, Swagga and soul leather jacket, New Look shorts, Francesco Biasia bag, Rayban shades, Leather boots from Milan (cant remember the shop:)

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  1. Almare, tak to je dobry postreh:) nejen, ze vypadam v praci silene a strhane, ale navic jeste v takovem seru :) Klidne se priste ozvi, rada te poznam :) E.

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