Outfit: Military Jacket for sleek look

Wearing: Jacket: Zara, Jumper: Asos, Boots: Mango, Bag: Chanel, Sunglasses: Celine, Jeans: Asos

I remember I used to have several military jackets and yay they are back in fashion big time. Well, the thing is I try to circulate fashion so they probably ended up in a charity shop or with one of my friends. However this season it is almost a must have and there are some great pieces to find amongst designers and high-street too. I really like this one that came from a collaboration of Gigi Hadid and Tommy.

Well, I believe they look very sleek anyway and they worked perfectly for me last week when I had few friends over. My friend from Prague and Hong Kong came to London to see my baby and we had the best week ever. Lot of brunches, lunches, gossiping over a glass of wine in Shoreditch house and of course shopping. Every week should be like this. LOL

Now I should start to plan who is going to visit me next! I liked it way too much.

Pamatuju si, ze pred par lety jsem mela nekolik sacek a bundicek ve vojenskem stylu a ted se vraci ve velkem. Ale jelikoz se obleceni snazim recyklovat (musela bych totiz bydlet v hradu) tak asi zkoncily nekde na charite nebo u nektere z kamaradek. Kazdopadne tuhle sezonu jsou jednim z kousku, ktere by nemely chybet v satniku a mezi designery tak i v retezcich jich najdete spousty. Hodne se mi libi tato z kolekci Gigi Hadid a Tommy.

Mam pocit, ze opravdu dodaji jiskru spousty vecem. Ja jsem si sve nove sacko poprve oblekla minuly tyden. Mela jsem na navsteve kamaradku z Prahy a z Hong Kongu a opravdu jsem si to s nima uzila. Kazdodenni snidane venku, obedy, klaboseni nad sklenkou vina v Shoreditch housu a take nakupy. Kazdy tyden by mel byt tak skvely. LOL

Tak a mela bych planovat, kdo me navstivi priste. Nejak se mi to zalibilo. Hehe

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