Monochrome Outfit

Well, this was a tough choice. The temperature is very low in London and you are meant to look good and stylish. Oh, come on spring. Why are you taking such a long time? I was blogging for Canon thanks to Andy from Stylescrapbook and attended London Fashion Weekend on Saturday. I know that comfortable should not be used much with real fashion people but I really felt that my outfit has to fit in that category. Well, in the end I was warm and comfortable as well.
Tak tohle byla tezka volba. V Londyne je pekna zima a cekal me ukol vypadat dobre a stylove. Nejsem si jista, zda jsem ho splnila dobre a momentalne jsem tak akorat nastvana na Jaro, ze si dava nacas. V Sobotu jsem blogovala na Fashion Weekendu pro Canon diky Andy ze Stylescrapbook a byla to zabava. Kazdopadne pri mem rozhodovani, co si obleci mi probihalo hlavou asi tohle … teple a pohodlne. Nakonec jsem zvladla takhle a byla jsem spokojena. 
Preji vsem krasny den.
Love Glamazon xoxo
Wearing: Zara Trousers and Top, Asos Coat, Balenciaga Bag, Boy London Hat, Sam Edelman Boots

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