New hair

Hey guys,
I am totally in love with my new hair shade. I went to my favourite hairdresser here in Czech and I must call him  genious as I told him what sort of shade I want to achieve and he mentioned this hydrating mask that can pigment your hair a bit. And this is the result. You can use it once a week and it lasts up to 4 washes. So lets see if I will love it even more and I will show you this miracle in future posts.
Jsem zamilovana do svych novych vlasu a opet chvalim sveho kadernika v Cesku, v Anglii si zasadne nedam sahat na vlasy, i kdyz nekdy si rikam, zda to jeste vydrzim do dalsi navstevi rodne domoviny, nebo to risknu. Ale to, ze jsem tentokrat vydrzela se vyplatilo. Uz dlouho se snazim dosahnout takove tmavsi blond, neco mezi svetle hnedou a blond a muj kadernik mi nabidl nejakou masku, ktera vam na par umyti zpigmentuje vlasy a tohle je vysledek. Pro jistotu jsem si koupila dve do zasoby a mam ji aplikovat kazdy tyden. Klidne vam produkt predstavim v dalsich postech.
Mejte se krasne.
Love Glamazon xoxo
Wearing: Zara shoes and top, River Island skirt, Balenciaga bag, Rayban sunglasses

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