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Hey Darlings,
When I travel I really dress in the easiest way. I know this is not going to set anybody on fire but comfort and practical pieces are important to me. I am spending Easter in Ireland and as usual when going for short trips I packed neutral colours and things that are easy to combine. This is my easy flight outfit and trust me I need to keep warm in a weather like this.
Kdyz cestuju, oblekam se pohodlne a jednoduse. Vim, ze tento outfit asi moc lidi nenadchne, ale pri cestovani u me vitezi klasika a pohodli a take prakticnost. Velikonoce travim v Irsku a je pro me dulezite si na kratke pobyty pobalit jednoduche a kombinovatelne veci, takze vetsinou v mem kufru prevladaji neutralni barvy a take si beru neutralni kabelky. A verte v tomto pocasi potrebuji i teple veci.
Preji vam krasny vikend.
Love Glamazon xoxo
Wearing: All Saints Jeans, Celeb Boutique Blazer, River Island Shoes, New Look Top and Topshop Hat

6 comments on “On the go

  1. Náááááhodou, mně to nadchlo. Ale hlavně – nebyla jsi náhodou u kadeřnice? Vždycky se mi moc nelíbil tvůj alespoň na fotkách takový nažloutlý blond, ale tady už vypadá skvěle .)))

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