Orange Blazer and Leopard Print


For some people leopard print and orange could be unacceptable to wear together. I guess it can look cheap but I tried to keep everything else to minimum and pair it with simple Sam Edelman sandals and timeless Vivienne Westwood bag. I went for dinner with my man and this was quick and easy outfit to put on.

Pro nektere lidi by leopardi potisk v kombinaci s oranzovou barvou mohl byt neprijatelny. Je mozne, ze kdyz se to prezene, muze to vypadat lacine a tak jsem se snazila vse ostatni nechat jednoduche a neprehanet to s doplnky. Subtilni sandalky Sam Edelman a cerna kabelka Vivienne Westwood jsou snad spravnou volbou.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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Wearing: Atmosphere Dress, Zara Blazer, Sam Edelman Sandals, Vivienne Westwood Bag, Rayban Sunglasses

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