Outfit: Maternity office style

Wearing: Bag: Chloe, Shoes: Preen, Skirt: Asos, Blazer: Zara, Brooch: Chanel, Sunglasses: Celine, Necklaces: Sophia’s Earrings

Dressing to the office during pregnancy is the most challenging part although I still carry pretty small. It would not be so hard if you are the type of person that is ok to wear just one black maternity dress. However, I am the opposite of that. I need options and lot of options. That sounds like Rachel Zoe right? LOL

One of the pieces I got and I do not regret is this simple skirt with elastic band and I got it in bigger size. That is my pregnancy strategy anyway when it comes to dressing. I am wearing lot of things that are not even maternity but just got bigger size to fit the bump in. You just need one skirt and then style it with the pieces you already have. So it is not that bad after all.

Anyway, I am currently on a press trip in Berlin with lot of other international bloggers so you can follow me on snapchat for all the fun. You can find me as Evaglamazon.

Oblekani do prace v tehotenstvi je zatim to nejslozitejsi a to nemam jeste ani poradne bricho. Jsem zvedava jak to budu zvladat ke konci. Ono by to ani nebylo tak tezke, pokud jste ten typ, ze si vystacite s jednim typem materskych satu. Ale ja jsem bohuzel ten opak. Musim mit na vyber a rada obleceni menim. Jsem proste chameleon. 

Jeden z kousku, do ktereho jsem investovala je o cislo vetsi cerna sukne na gumu. Vim, ze to nezni moc atraktivne, ale da se skvele kombinovat s vecma, co uz mate doma a staci menit bluzky a saka a pokazde vypadate jinak. Je to zatim nejoblibenejsi kousek v mem satniku, co jsem si poridila prave do prace. 

Mimochodem jsem prave v Berline na press trip s dalsima blogerkama z jinych zemi a muzete vsechno sledovat na snapchatu. Najdete me jako Evaglamazon. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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