Outfit: Gucci Dionysus Bag

Wearing: Sunglasses: Victoria Beckham, Bag: Gucci, Boots: Dune, Coat: Oasis, Skirt: Asos

I have been lusting Gucci Dionysus bag for months. Frankly I was after a black version however when I managed to snap this monogrammed one in black friday offers. I did not hesitate a minute and I am very happy with it.

You may have noticed but I have been obsessed with small bags recently. I feel they just add so much more to your outfit. They can practically make an outfit right? To be honest sometimes I just carry too much “rubbish” in my larger bags and mainly the stuff I do not need at all. A small bag actually makes you realise that you don’t need that much at all.

Do you feel the same? Are you a  small or big bag person?

Po Gucci Dionysus kabelce jsem touzila uz nekolik mesicu. Po dlouhe dobe me nejaka kabelka postavila ze zidle. Znate ten pocit, kdyz se vam neco strasne moc libi a porad na to myslite. Puvodne jsem sice chtela cernou verzi, ale ta byla vsude vyprodana a kdyz se mi naskytla moznost koupit tuhle s monogramem v Black Friday akcich, tak jsem nevahala ani minutu.

A jsem moc spokojena. V posledni dobe jsem posedla malyma kabelkama, protoze dokazou opravdu zmenit cely outfit a nejsou tezke. Kdyz vas to donuti, zjistite, ze vse potrebne se vam vleze i do tak male kabelky. Ja do prace taham vetsi tasky a vetsinou jsou plne zbytecnosti a asi si tak akorat nicim zada. Hehe 

A co vy? Mate radsi mensi ci vetsi tasky? 

Love Glamazon xoxo

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6 comments on “Outfit: Gucci Dionysus Bag

  1. I am drooling over that Gucci mini bag. It is to die for! I have been feeling the same way with small bags. They dont take too much away from your look, but are just enough to compliment them. This bag will definitely be in good use seeing that the color with compliment your look. Love!

  2. Je nadherna a skvele jsi ji zkombinovala. A porad obdivuji tyto boty. Asi si jedny podobne taky poridim, haha. :)
    Tak, nosim posledni dobou mensi kabelky, ale do prace vetsinou ty vetsi, ale zbytecnosti netaham, mam rada svoje zada. ;)

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