Outfit: Things I manage to do with baby Liam

Wearing: Top and Shoes: Zara, Bag: Chanel, Jeans: Asos, Blazer: Shein, Sunglasses: Rayban, Belt: Temperley

When I got pregnant I had different ideas about how my life would change. So many people scared me so much by their statements like – you will never ever watch a movie again, you will not be able to do this or that. I was terrified as I was very busy socially. I had events that were fashion and blog related, dinners, going to see opera or plays, lunches, brunches, working out and I was just non stop doing something out. So after all these warnings I thought OK this is it. I will have to give these things up.

Well, not really. I had to limit it and plan more (and it takes much longer to get out of the house) but I am still doing things. To be honest, looking at my diary in my phone I always have something on. It is hard for me to synchronise diaries with my friends as they are busy and so am I. I either take Liam with me as I want him to be used to be out and about or I organise baby sitting with my husband and it looks like I will have somebody to help me with that as well from now on. If I want to go to a gallery I take Liam, lunch with friends I take him too, I took him to meetings with PR, collection presentations and so much more. Of course I always ask in advance but it always turns out he gets all the attention everywhere. LOL

And I love going to cinema with him for mum and babies screening. It is such a wonderful idea. Last week we went to see La La Land and he was so good. I just love doing things with him and I love our morning cuddles in bed whilst I am trying to respond to emails or write a post like now for example. The only thing I have not been able to do is to travel as it is not as easy as I thought to sort out a passport through embassies. When he was born in my mind I had an image of travelling when he was two months old and use the time when I am off. Now five months later still no passport! I had a plan to go home to Czech and go for a long weekend in Vienna with my sister and Liam but we just got a letter from the Irish embassy that they need more documents. I almost fainted as my husband went there in person and they told him to only send one thing. So how come it is two now? Oh well, hopefully that will be sorted soon and Liam and I can finally go somewhere together for the first time.

As I am desperate to go on our next adventure. Fingers crossed.

Kdyz jsem otehotnela, mela jsem diky druhym lidem a i ctenarum uplne hruzostrasne predstavy o materstvi. Vetsina lidi mi rikala, ze uz se nikdy nepodivam na film, ze nebudu moci nic delat, nebudu moci chodit ven apod. A to me desilo, protoze jsem byla spolecensky hodne aktivni – vecere, obedy, opera, divadlo, kino, brunche, casto jsem cvicila a zkousela nove veci. A tak jsem si tenkrat rikala, ze tomu vsemu je konec. A jsem ted rada, ze tomu tak neni. 

Ano, veci jsou pro nas tezsi, protoze nemame v Londyne zadnou rodinu, ale spoustu veci delam s Liamem. A i kdyz v zadnem pripade nechodim ven tak casto, tak kdyz si vse naplanuju, tak i to zvladam. Jenom to trochu dele trva, nez se clovek vyhrabe z domu. Rada s nim chodim do galerii, do kina kde davaji film pro deti s maminkama (coz je super napad), chodime spolu vsude do restauraci, na schuzky s PR (pokud jim to nevadi), na presentace novych kolekci a zvladame to. Neni to sice uz tak, ze se namaluju, oblecu a vyrazim, ale jde to. 

Strasne rada s nim travim cas a pokazde, kdyz hlida muj muz a ja jsem nekde sama, tak se mi styska (to jsem to dopadla, ze? haha). Miluju nase rana v posteli, pokazde vstava hodne brzo (nekdy v pet, jindy v sest) a pak se chvili hraje zatimco ja odepisuju na emaily, pisu clanky apod. A pak si maly da dalsiho slofika kolem pul osme ci osme hodiny. Tak mi umozni si udelat, co potrebuju. Minuly tyden se mnou byl po delsi dobe v kine na filmu La La Land a i kdyz uz vnima a je vetsi, tak byl strasne hodny. Bud si hral ci jenom tak sedel a koukal kolem a nebo spal. A zasla jsem si s nim i na obed. Nadhera. 

Jedine co mi strasne chybi je cestovani a nemuzu verit tomu, ze jsem tady proste uvazana na tolik mesicu, jenom protoze to trva tak dlouho vse vyridit pres ambasady. Uz sem se tesila jak pojedu domu a na vikend do Vidne, kam jsem chtela se svou sestrou a Liamkem a prisel nam dopis z Irske ambasady, ze nam chybi nejake dokumenty. Malem i opravdu kleplo, protoze tam muz byl osobne a rekli mu, ze mu chybi jedna vec a ted jsou to najednou dve. Clovek ceka dva mesice na takovy otravny dopis? No doufam, ze i to se brzy vyresi, protoze behem materske jsem chtela opravdu cestovat. Cesky se zatim ani nesnazim vyridit, protoze mi rekli, ze cely proces bude trvat tak 7 mesicu. Uff. Na to nemam nervy.

Tak snad se nam brzy podari se spolu nekam vydat. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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