Outfit: Winter Pastels

Wearing: Coat: River Island, Bag: Chanel, Sunglasses: Rayban, Shoes: Adidas, Jumper: Rad, Jeans: Asos

I am going through a phase that I am capable to wear similar or same outfit three days in a row. Or definitely wear the same sunglasses, bag or shoes. I am not sure if it is because I am in a rush at all times or if it is a “mum” thing or just laziness (LOL). However, I have been living in these trainers, coat and also wearing the same sunnies for ages. Forgive me.

This pastel coat is now one of my go to winter pieces. It goes with so many things and it is something different I would normally go for. Last year I had five different camel coats so decided to give some away and bring a bit of colour to my closet. So winter pastels here we go.

Prochazim fazi, ze nosim podobny ci stejny outfit porad dokola. Nebo alespon jedny a ty stejne bryle, boty ci kabelku. Nejsem si jista zda je to tim, ze porad specham ci proste lenost a nebo je to proste to co mamy delaji. LOL

Tento pastelovy kabat je momentalne jeden z mych oblibencu. Hodi se ke spouste vecem a hlavne je trosku jiny nez bych si bezne kupovala. Jenomze loni jsem zjistila, ze mam pet bezovych kabatu a tak jsem nektere darovala dal. No a letos jsem se rozhodla si poridit sem tam nejakou tu barvicku a urcite to nebyl krok vedle. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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