Outfit: Pleated Peplum Shirt


Wearing: Bag: Bulgari, Shoes: Adidas, Shirt: Boohoo, Jeans: Zara, Sunglasses: Celine

How many of you remembers that episode of Sex and the City when Miranda had the baby and felt her life was over? Well, I have thought of the few scenes from that episode several times. Not that I think my life is over but there are some flashbacks like when Miranda was carrying the car seat with Brady and could not go shopping with the girls or when she struggled to breastfeed.

Well, luckily for those early stages with babies we have online shopping. Yaaay and I did not hesitate to be behind. Actually on the positive side I have more time to search things I like. In my manic schedule before I had hardly any time to look for good deals, new trends or bargains. So, I found this amazing well priced shirt that ticks all the boxes for me at the moment. But mainly it is flattering so perfect not only for fit girls but for hiding a bit of baby weight. LOL

As I say always look at the positives.

Kolik z vas si pamatuje na dil Sexu ve meste, kdy se Mirande narodil maly Brady a myslela si, ze ji zkoncil zivot? Po narozeni Liama si casto na tento dil vzpomenu. Ne ze bych si myslela, ze mi konci zivot, ale vzpominam si na par casti tohoto dilu, kdy se Miranda tahla s autosedackou a nemohla jit s holkama nakupovat a nebo jak ji frustrovalo kojeni. V nekterych vecech se ted momentalne vidim.

No nastesti tady mame nakupovani online a ja mam ted vice casu nez kdykoli predtim. Pamatuju si, jak jsem si drive v mem silene uspechanem rozvrhu chtela najit cas jenom tak brouzdat internetem, vyhledavat kde maji nejnovejsi trendy, najit super slevnene kousky apod. No a ted kdyz jsem doma s Liamem, tak mam i vic casu. A narazila jsem na tuhle uzasnou kosili. Uplne jsem se zamilovala, protoze stoji malo a vypada uzasne. A navic slusi nejen ultra stihlym holkam, ale take holkam jako ja, ktere maji nejake to kilo po porodu navic. Hehe

Jak rikam porad, vzdy hledejte ty positivni stranky.

Love Glamazon xoxo


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