Splash of Neon

Hey darlings,
I am here finally with an outfit post. Looking back when I bought these neon shoes I have to laugh. I was actually after green heels and ordered these on Ebay and instead I got these bright ones. Well, why not? It was not what I wanted back then but it works well as fits this season trends. I also picked this H&M trend and that actually goes well with my new Michael Kors belt.
Konecne prinasim outfit post. Kdyz se zamyslim nad tim, jak jsem dosla k temto neonovym botam, tak se musim smat, loni na jare jsem strasne shanela zelene lodicky a nasla jsem tyhle na ebay, jenomze kdyz dorazily, jejich barva proste byla uplne jina. Nastesti jdou s letosnim trendem neonovych barev, tak jsem si je konecne obula. Vyzkousela jsem i novy Michael Kors pasek, ktery skvele sedi k topu z rady H&M trend. Mam proste rada pasky v pase, delaji hezkou siluetu, nemyslite?
Love Glamazon xoxo
Wearing: Hugo Boss pants, Shoes Ebay, Michael Kors belt, H&M Trend top, Rayban sunglasses

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