Stars Print Cardigan

Wearing: Zara Boots, Top and Cardigan, Marc Jacobs Necklace, Chanel Bag, Missoni Sunglasses

Two of my closest friends love star prints. Well at least to that extend that both their kids are wearing this print quite often so not sure If I can count this. Anyway, Dolce made it big couple of seasons ago and it feels a bit rock chick.

 Sometimes I have to laugh at my reasonings when it comes to clothes shopping. This cardigan was actually an URGENT need. I went for a coffee and a gallery visit with a friend of mine and totally underestimated London weather. I was freezing so much that went to Zara and pick the cheapest warm cardi in a colour I did not have in a closet. And see it is not bad in the end and it served the purpose. Very warm indeed. Nobody wants to get sick so shopping was a big NEED at that point.

Mam dve dobre kamaradky a obe maji radi hvezdickovy potisk. Tedy alespon do te miry, ze do nej oblikaji svoje deti (uklidnuji se tim, ze obe maji velmi stylove deticky) . A navic Dolce s tim udelali diru do sveta par sezon zpatky, takze co. Kazdopadne se mi tento potisk libi, ale vseho s mirou.

Ja se nekdy musim smat tomu, jak obcas nakupuji. Tohle byl opravdu URGENTNI nakup. Jednou jsem se vydala s kamaradkou do galerie a na kavu a neskutecnym zpusobem jsem podcenila pocasi, vyrazila jsem si to pouze v tricku s kratkym a kabatu, ale byla takova zima, ze jsem vletela do Zary a koupila teply svetrik v barve, ktera mi v satniku chybela a shodou okolnosti mel svetrik na sobe hvezdicky. Ale jsem s nim docela spokojena.

A co vy? Podarilo se vam nekdy koupit neco v takovem momentu?

Love Glamazon xoxo

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