Tip of the week… Honest Burgers Brixton Village

Hi Darlings,
Brixton village offers lot of different and lovely small restaurants and places to eat. One of them is Honest Burgers. This is a tiny place that serves very famous burgers. Most of the people I know have been to this place or have heard about it. I went there recently with a friend of my for lunch and I particulary liked their chips. Although I am not a chips person I must say those were delicious. I guess it was that unexpected touch of rosamary on them.
If you are ever around Brixton and you want to try be aware of a long wait however lets stay positive and perhaps you will be lucky and get a seat straight away.
So what are your fav burger places?
Brixton village nabizi navstevnikum spoustu ruznych malych kavaren a restauraci. Jedno z velmi popularnich mist je i Honest Burgers. Malicke misto, ktere serviruje proslavene hamburgery. Vetsina lidi, co znam tohle misto bud zkusila nebo o nem alespon slysela. Ja jsem tam sla nedavno o vikendu na obed s kamaradkou a hrozne jsem se zamilovala do jejich hranolek s rozmarynem. I kdyz hranolky moc nemusim, tyhle byly opravdu vytecne. Jenom se pripravte, ze si pravdepodobne budete muset vystat frontu na stul. Ale treba budeme zrovna mit stesti.
A co vy a dobra doporuceni kam na hamburger?
PS: Vitezka giveaway je vyhlasena na facebookovych strankach a taky jsem ji poslala email. Blahopreju.
Love Glamazon xoxo

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