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It does not happen that often that I decide to write about a tip of the week and even do not have proper camera photos. I loved this place so much that wanted to share it with you and use only captures from my Iphone. That should already tell you that I really enjoyed my lunch at NOPI.

To be honest I did not know this places exists however I had a business meeting with the lovely Armani Exchange PR that booked this wonderful gem just few steps away from busy Oxford and Regent’s street.

The whole place has got very chic and clean design however gives you that cosy brasserie feel I love. And I know the toilets may not be that important but wait until you see them. It is like walking to a glamorous mirror room. Well, it is all about the details after all right?

The food and the presentation is fantastic too as you can see from the pictures. The food is so colourful and delicious that you just want to eat everything. And when you walk in you can see fresh bread and salads on the side and it is almost impossible to chose from. I loved  their aubergine and courgette croquets and also polenta chips were a very interesting choice. And you do not have to feel that guilty as lot of things on the menu are very healthy.

This is another place that shows that healthy can be also very tasty. And you also know the place is good when people wait for tables and they are happy to do so. LOL

Nestava se to tak casto, kdy se rozhodnu napsat dalsi tip of the week bez toho, abych mela hezke fotografie z fotaku. Ale tohle misto se mi tak libilo, ze se odvazim s vami sdilet alepson fotografie, ktere jsem poridila na telefon. To vam snad naznaci, ze obed v NOPI mi chutnal opravdu prvotridne.

Popravde bych o tomto mistu ani nevedela, kdybych nemela pracovni obed s PR Armani Exchange, kteri tuto restauraci vybrali. A navic je na skvele miste a to velmi kousek od rusne Oxford a Regent’s street. A tahle oblast je vzdy nejhorsi, kdyz chcete dobrou restauraci, ktera je blizko.

Interier je velmi chic a elegantni a ma takovou tu atmosferu americkych brasserii, ktere mam moc rada. A vim, ze toalety nejsou az tak dulezite, ale v NOPI stoji za navstevu. LOL. Pusobi jako kdyz vstoupite do luxusni zrcadlove mistnosti a nekdy prave takove detaily tvori uplny celek a image restaurace.

Presentace a jidlo jsou ale uplne na jednicku. Hned u vstupu jsou vystaveny jejich salaty a cerstvy chleba (ktery mimochodem pripomina chutove ten Cesky) a je tak tezke si z te zaplavy dobrot vybrat. Ja jsem byla nadsena z lilku, cuketovych kroket a hranolek z polenty. NOPI je dalsi misto, ktere serviruje chutne, ale zaroven velmi zdrave jidlo. Takze clovek nemusi litovat, ze to zase prehnal. 

A opet se ukazalo, ze i zdravejsi verze jidla jsou vyborna, kdyz jsou dobre udelana a servirovana.

Takze dobrou chut.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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