Wearing Black in Notting Hill

Wearing; Zara Shoes and Top, Stella McCartney Bag, Asos Trousers, DKNY Watch

If you read my last few posts you would know I had a girly afternoon with my friend Tereza and strangely enough we decided to wear all black outfit (minus my shoes and bag). Not sure if it is because we feel summer is ending or just a coincidence.

It was great to have such a lazy afternoon and find out lot of gossip from the film industry and life in general. And we have good pictures from Notting Hill. Oh, how I love that place.

Have a great day!

Pokud ctete blog pravidelne, tak asi vite, ze jsem sla o vikend na kaficko s kamaradkou Terezkou a nejak prapodivne jsme obe byly v cerne barve. Nevim, zda je to pocit, ze uz leto pomalu konci nebo zkratka jenom nahoda.

A jako typicke holcici rande se ani tohle neobeslo bez klaboseni a taky probirani vseho kolem herectvi, Ceskych lvu a zivota vubec. A taky mame obe krasne fotky z Notting Hill.

Preji vsem krasny den!

Love Glamazon xoxo

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