White at Vogue Festival

Wearing: Alice Temperley Top, Acne Jacket, F&F Skirt, Aldo Shoes, D&G Clutch, Phillip Lim Sunglasses

I want to scream with happiness WHAT a day!! Everything was spot on at Vogue Festival this year. Vogue and Harrods did amazing job on organizing this super event and it was BETTER than last year. You can only move forward right?!
My friend Atosa who is a blogger as well was the best company ever and you honestly need somebody to be with to share that joy. We did so much but I want to keep some things a secret until the next post. However, you will love it…trust me.

I went for the white look and wore my new white midi with new Phillip Shades. Well, the compliments were endless so I say let the clothes speak for itself!

Chce se mi zakricet z plnych plyn, jaky to byl uzasny den. Letosni Vogue Festival se vydaril na jednicku a to jednicku s hvezdickou. Harrods a Vogue opravdu dali do priprav vsechno a letosni rocnik byl o tolik lepsi. Spolecnost mi delala kamaradka Atosa, ktera je taky blogerka a uzivala si kazdou vterinu stejne jako ja. O tom jaky festival vam reknu, ale az jindy.

Rozhodla jsem se si dat novou sukni a nove bryle a tech komplimentu, to by clovek neveril.

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Love Glamazon xoxo

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