White Trousers

Hey Guys,

I have been watching I have been obsessed with white trousers lately. This pair is actually from Mango and I adore them. They go great with basic colours and simple things. London got a bit of sun so they are perfect for weather like that. Not sure if it was raining as I would look like dalmatian soon.

V posledni dobe jsem porad pridavala na facebooku inspiraci v podobe bilych kalhot. Kdysi davno jsem mela jedny a dala jsem je kamaradce a ted jsem si poridila tyhle v Mangu. Myslim, ze nejvice se hodi k zakladnim barvam jako seda, cerna a bila….(tedy alespon v tomto pocasi) a dobre se kombinuji. Pocasi nam trochu dopralo a tak se daji nosit i ted. Nevim, jak by tomu bylo treba v desti nebo tajicim snehu. To bych mela brzo dalmatini kalhoty. 

Wearing: Mango Boots and Trousers, New Look Top, Atmosphere Vest and Hat, Vivienne Westwood Bag

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