I don’t know if it is just London but there is always something new happening. I did not even know something like this would exist.  When I heard that for the first time I was thinking to myself what is zoolates?

Well, It is very simple. Every Friday in June and July London Zoo opens later and you can come in and drink and eat and have fun. It is like any other day in the Zoo just with more drinking. LOL. To be quite honest I felt a bit bad for the animals as for some of them it was a bed time and to be surrounded by drunk visitors is probably not what they expected.

At least they don’t have to do this everyday. Interestingly enough all the tickets were sold out so it must be definitely very popular event. We were lucky enough with the weather and look at those sunny pictures.

Let me know if you have ever been or perhaps planning to go?

Ja nevim jestli je to tak jenom v Londyne, ale porad se tu neco deje a kdyz jsem poprve slysela o Zoolates tak jsem nemela ani poneti, ze neco takoveho existuje.

Koncept je opravdu jednoduchy. Kazdy patek v lete otvira Londynske Zoo do pozdnich hodin a muzete prijit za zabavou prave sem. Je to jako obycejny den jenom je tu k mani spousta stanku s jidlem a alkoholem, ruzna vystoupeni a koncerty a muzete se prochazet a koukat na zviratka. Popravde mi jich bylo trosku lito, pro nektere byl cas jit spat a asi musi byt trosku zmatene. Spousta lidi s pivem v ruce na kouka a v povzdali hraje hudba.

Ale nektera zvirata me teda dostla…hlavne tucnaci. Ty fakt miluju.

Nevim, jestli neco takoveho existuje v Zoo v CR, ale pokud ano dejte vedet.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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