All White

Wearing: M&S Necklace and Dress (similar), Mango Shoes (similar), DKNY Watch (similar), Gat Rimon Clutch

White trend is one of my favourites. Yes, not practical (thanks for dry cleaners) but stunning. I have noticed I have accumulated few white dresses this season including this girly Marks & Spencer. I am definitely bringing it on holidays (hopefuly I can get a bit of tan to rock this beauty even more). I think it looks amazing in white all over combo but will definitely try it with leather jacket (yes that rock chick is there somewhere inside). Or maybe I need white leather jacket. As always I find another reason to shop.

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Trend bile barvy me vzdy bavil, ale tohle leto jsem nejak nastradala nekolikatery bile saty vcetne techto letnich krasek z Marks & Spencer. Myslim, ze diky stribrnym puntikum se krasne hodi k tomuto nahrdelniku a celkove kombinacim s bilou. Ale urcite je na me uvidite i s kozenou bundou. Moje rock chic stranka se vzdy nekde projevi.

A co vy a bily trend? Libi se vam?

Love Glamazon xoxo

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8 comments on “All White

  1. Teda, ty šaty jsou nádherný a celá bílá kombinace úžasná!
    Celobílé outfity se mi líbí moc! Ale třeba bílý kabát je nádhera, ale pro mě nesmyslná investice, protože na denní nošení mám jen tmavé crossbody kabelky a batůžky, tak by brzo vypadal…

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