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Outfit: Star Print Heels and Beauty Trends with Farfetch

Wearing: Shoes: Asos, Dress: Asos, Bag: Dolce & Gabbana, Sunglasses: Victoria Beckham

Last week I finally took my new shoes out for a spin when heading to a lovely event with Farfetch You may already know that but Farfetch recently introduced a new beauty area so they are no longer just about fashion. Hooray. And of course we can only expect luxury and top brands.

During the evening the Farfetch team together with London MakeUp school introduced some key makeup trends we have seen around the catwalks. As I may not be brave enough to wear all of them I can honestly say that my favourite were Eccentric Eye art you may have seen at Chanel and Au Naturale look. However, I am sure there are many of you that could pull of anything. How about gold lips? Anybody? 

As you can see I really opted for another comfortable outfit as being 9 months pregnant you cannot ask me for anything more. Lot of black and maternity dresses. 

Minuly tyden jsem mela konecne moznost provertrat nove boty, ktere jsem si oblekla na jednu vecerni akci s Farfetch. Mozna to jiz vite, ale Farfetch nedavno otevrel novou sekci s kosmetikou a tak uz se neomezuji pouze na modu. Jako vzdy se od nich daji ocekavat luxusni znacky a kvalita.

Behem vecera nam Farfetch Tym spolu s London MakeUP School predstavil ctyri trendy liceni, ktere byly k videni na prehlidkach jako Chanel, Chloe az po Miu Miu. Ja teda osobne nejsem clovek, ktery zvladne nejake extravagance v liceni a tak mi nejvic vyhovoval styl Au Naturale. A mozna na nejakou vecerni prilezitost bych zvladla Eccentric Eye art.

Jak vidite v devatem mesici se vyzivam v cerne barve a pohodli. Jak taky jinak ze? 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Fun with Otter Box in Red Bull Studios

Wearing: Dress and Shoes: Zara, Jacket: Armani Exchange, Sunglasses: Dior, Bag: Chanel, Necklaces: Missoma and River Island

What a busy day yesterday! I am glad it was a good day for me and the bump as well. Otherwise I am not sure how I would manage. After another crazy day at work I headed to Red Bull Studios for a party with Otter Box. In the evening I joined a super cool crowd and some other bloggers that were flown over from Germany and Italy to celebrate the launch Of Mixtape Volume 3. Shadow Child. Otter box and Red Bull partnered to organise a cool evening in this super edgy and cool premises. It was fab to meet the PR team and some other digital influencers and of course try the new cases. So far the pink one is the winner but you probably saw it on my Instagram (evglamazon) already.

Funny enough I was told how massive is the brand is in America and Ireland and later on that evening my husband cousin from Ireland was messaging me what am I up. When I mentioned I am at this party she said they have literally Otter box cases for everything. Well, so there is something about it right? I am already in love with mine so I am pretty sure there are many great flat lays to come. Lol

To byl zase vcera nabity den! Jsem rada, ze mi bylo dobre a vsechno jsem to zvadla i s miminkem v brisku. Po narocnem dni v praci jsem spechala na kontrolu s prckem a vecer se vydala do studii Red Bull na party s Otter Box. Vecer jsem s blogery s Britanie, Nemecka a Italie trosku “oslavila” novy set Mixtape Volum 3. Shadow Child. Samozrejme jsem slavila sklenici vody, coz neni az takova zabava. LOL 

Jako vzdy me cekal ukol jak pretvorit outfit z prace do outfitu vhodny na vecer a jeste na takovou prilezitost. Tak jsem na zaver prehodila jenom bundu a boty a nechala vse ostatni tak jak vidite. Opet se mi prokazalo, ze tento typ satu je proste universalni. I kdyz obcas slysim, proc mam na sobe nocni kosili, tak i presto tyhle saty miluju. Hehe.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Berlin with Marcell von Berlin/Bonprix

For those who follow me on snapchat (evaglamazon) you may remember my recent press and bloggers trip to Berlin. Berlin is one of my favourite European destinations. It has got cool vibe, great spots, great fashion and shopping and in a way it reminds my some parts of London.

Marcell von Berlin who is a very talented german designer teamed up with Bonprix to design affordable yet trendy collection that is fun and young. And 15 different international bloggers came to Berlin to create different stylings, shoot and have a great day with the brand. As for UK representation it was myself and gorgeous Megan from Pages by Megan. I was glad I knew Megan before as it is always easier to see familiar face when travelling to these events.

I am not going to lie I was a bit worried how I will style and shoot normal clothes when I had quite obvious baby bump back then. I was finishing month 5 of pregnancy however I think I managed it quite well in the end. I picked tracksuit bottoms with white blouse and this super genius bomber jacket. And guess what? Everybody loved it.

After very tiring and long day of travelling, visiting Marcell’s show room and design studio, makeup, hair styling, shooting we headed to Berlin wall and finally for super delicious dinner at Volt Berlin. You know I am a big foodie and I can give five stars to this restaurant of choice.

Although I was soooo tired (the issues of a pregnant woman LOL) I had such a fabulous time with the team and all the bloggers and I wanted to share it with all of you. Not everybody follows me on snapchat so thought it was a nice day to write about.

Pro ty co me sleduji na snapchatu (evaglamazon) tohle asi nebude zadna novinka, ale nedavno jsem byla na press tripu jako blogerka a to v Berline. Berlin je jedno z mych nejoblibenjsich mest v Evrope. Ma uzasnou atmosferu, skvele restaurace, kluby a take modu a nakupovani. Trochu mi pripomina Londyn nebo abych byla presnejsi nektere cool casti jako je treba Shoreditch.

Marcell von Berlin je talentovany mlady nemecky navrhar a spojil sily s firmou Bonprix pro kterou navrhl cenove dostupnou, mladou a zabavnou kolekci obleceni a doplnku. Je to zkratka dalsi kolaborace navrhare a modniho retezce, se kteryma se v poslednich letech roztrhl pytel. Bonprix pozval 15 blogerek z ruznych zemi a z Britanie pozvali me a Megan, kterou jsem velmi dobre znala uz predtim. Coz se vzdy hodi, kdyz vidite znamou tvar na takovych akcich a jeste navic v zahranici. 

Nebudu vam lhat, ze jsem se trochu neobavala toho, zda se za prve do neceho s mym rostoucim tehotenskym brichem vlezu a take jak bude muj styling vypadat. Myslim, ze jsem to nakonec zvladla docela dobre. Vybrala jsem si teplakove kalhoty s flitry, bilou bluzu a bomber bundu s napisem Yes, ktery je teda na zadech, takze tady na fotografiich nejde videt. 

Byl to pro me docela narocny vylet. Musela jsem vstavat brzo rano a jet na letiste a hned z letiste v Berline primo do showroomu a studia navrhare. Po te jsem se vydali do studia, kde jsme meli rychly obed a pak uz nasledovala sama prace, ale nastesti i zabava. Hodiny makeupu, vlasoveho stylingu, foceni kolekce az to nakonec strasne rychle uteklo. Zbyvala nam rychla navsteva Berlinske zdi a vynikajici vecere v restauraci Volt Berline. Vite, ze miluju dobre restaurace a teto davam pet hvezdicek. Myslim, ze cely PR tym pripravil opravdu fantasticky program a i kdyz jsem byla unavena jako cert, tak jsem si to neskutecne uzila. 

No a nechtela jsem, aby tem, co nemaji snapchat neco uniklo a tak jsem se rozhodla s vami sdilete tento clanek.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Party with Jade Jagger and Thomson

On Tuesday I was invited to join Jade Jagger, Thomson and other journalists and media people to celebrate Jade’s new kaftan’s collection. The whole collection is meant to compliment opening of a new Sensatori resort in Ibiza.

I was even happier when I found out the event is taking place at ME hotel London as it is only two minutes from my offices. And the views from their roof top terrace is just incredible. You have seen it many times as I have been to numerous events there.

I was glad that my friend Bex who works for daily mail online was at the party as well as we definitely know how to have fun together. We did not leave empty handed and got to pick our favourite model. You can now shop them online and I can say one thing…go for it as the quality is incredible.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead and stay tuned as I am traveling again so do not forget to follow my snapchat (evaglamazon) and instagram.

V utery jsem byla pozvana spolecnosti Thomson na party s Jade Jagger, ktera pro ne nedavno navrhla kolekci kaftanu. Jade mela prakticky druhy domov na Ibize a cela kolekce ma tak castecne splivat s otevrenim noveho Thomson resortu prave na tomto ostrove.

Cela akce probehla v mem oblibenem hotelu ME London, ktery mam za rohem a tak jsem mela o to vetsi radost. V ME akce miluju, protoze se vzdy poradaji na stresni terase odkud je uzasny vyhled na Londyn. Party se nesla ve velmi prijemnem duchu a neodesla jsem s prazdnou a jeden hedvabny kaftan jsem si i odnesla.

Jsem rada, ze jsem Jade potkala a doufam, ze se kolekce bude dobre prodavat. Je k dostani online prave na strankach splecnosti Thomson.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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