LFW Photo Diary

I know you love pictures and so do I so here are some random snaps from LFW. And they show exactly what happens.

People are posing, people are taking pictures and then recharging batteries in a local cafe. You see famous faces and also Made in Chelsea crowd everywhere. There are shows, there are photographer and lot of stylish people. The models are posing even when off duty, the bloggers are passing by you and it is just amazing buzz no matter what the weather is.

You meet old friends and you meet new friends and you have not time and you just want to be everywhere and speak to everybody. Well, unless you are super hero you just can’t make it all.
I managed to pop in to Wolf and Badger event and discover some fantastic brands and amazing jewellery pieces. And as any event held in Savoy it was great. Savoy itself is so beautiful that as soon as you walk in you just feel great.

And shows are amazing and I love that moment when the first model comes out and the sound of all the cameras to start to shoot like mad. And of course there is no LFW without the blogger Pandemonia.

I hope you like the pictures and there will be more.

Vim, ze vas tyhle fotky a bavi a tak jsem chtela vydat takovy random post z posledniho Fashion Weeku v Londyne. Bavi me zachytit tu atmosferu a myslim, ze tohle tuto akci zkratka vystihuje.

Lidi pozuji a taky foti. Modelky jsou neustale ve spechu, ale i pri zavodu na dalsi prehlidku si najdou cas trosku zapozovat. Vsude jsou zname tvare, celebrity a blogeri. Vsichni nekam spechaji a pritom vypadaji bajecne. Jako kazdy Fashion Week nechybelo osazenstvo z Made in Chelsea show a protoze je to vylozene bavi, vzdy vam s radosti zapozuji. Atmosfera je proste skvela.

Druhy den Fashion Weeku jsem navstila akci poradanou Wolf and Badger v hotelu Savoy a objevila spoustu pro me neobjevenych znacek a krasnych sperku a samozrejme opet narazila na obsazenstvo Made in Chelsea. Nekdy se ptam, jestli je fakt mozne, ze jsou zkratka vsude. Mam na ne nejak stesti a to dokonce, kdyz treba jenom vkrocim do Zary v Chelsea. LOL. A Savoy? Akce tam zkratka miluju. Naposledy jsem tam navstivila prehlidku Temperley a jejich interier je tak prekrasny, ze kazdou udalost jenom podtrhne. Staci si zajit na odpoledni caj a pripadate si jako v pohadce.

Prehlidky jsou narvane, ale prekrasne a jakmile vejde prvni modelka na molo tak se u me vzdy dostavi krasny pocit. Zkratka me to dela hrozne stastnou, protoze mam jednoduse tento svet rada. Jenom by mi nemusil kazit vsechny fotky onen bloger Pandemonia. Clovek proste nevidi nic jineho. LOL.

Snad se vam fotky libi a porad jich mam jeste v zasobe vic nez dost.

Love Glamazon xoxo

c20 c4 c13 c3 c5

People posing and also taking pictures. Big Maddness. And who can spot a model here?
Lidi pozuji a take foti. Proste silenstvi. A myslim, ze modelku pozna kazdy?

c15 c14 c17

Wolf and Badger in Savoy

c8 c18

And you cannot miss the bloggers. On the first picture is Andreea and second Lucka.

A nechybi ani blogeri. Na prvni fotce je Andreea z blogu Dreaming of Chanel a na druhe je nase Lucinka.

c11 c12

Show time and Pandemonia in Front Row.
Prehlidka a blogger Pandemonia v prvni rade.

c9 c10

Felicities Lounge at ME London. Just Amazing views and great place to have a fashion presentation and a cup of tea. You really need that in weather like we had.
Felicities Lounge v Hotelu Me. Uzasny vyhled a skvele misto na modni presentaci a dobry salek caje. V te zime je treba se poradne zahrat.

c19 c1

Celebrities. Myleene Klass, Nicky Clarke and Amber Le Bon.
A celebrity nesmi chybet. Herecka Myleene Klass, kadernik Nicky Clarke nebo modelka Amber Le Bon.

c7 c16

Made in Chelsea people.
A predstavenstvo z Made in Chelsea show.


Cafe in Somerset House.
A Kavarna v Somerset House.

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