Fashion: Teddy Coats You will Love


Teddy coats are definitely not a new thing in fashion but they are still very big. It is that trend that managed to stick and there are so many fabulous pieces on high-street as well as amongst designers. Max Mara really started something few seasons ago. They created the cosiest coat and the first season it was sold out in a second.

I will not lie and openly say I really want the Max Mara teddy coat as simply they look fantastic and I know it is a great investment. Having said that there are so many great ones starting on around 50 £. And some of the mid-range priced teddy coats from brands like Stand are equally fabulous.

So here is a small selection of some stunning and currently available models.

Chlupate Kozisky ve stylu Teddy Coat nejsou v mode zadnou novinkou, ale porad se silne drzi. A ja se ani nedivim, jsou teple, dobre vypadaji a clovek si opravdu prijde zachumlany jako medvidek. 

Nebudu vam lhat, ze mym vysnenym je prave ten od Max Mary, kde to vse zacalo, ale na trhu je jich spousta. At uz je libo kratsi, delsi nebo barevny, je z ceho vybirat. Nektere zajimave kousky zacinaji uz na padesati librach, ale nektere ve stredni cenove relaci okolo 300 £ mi take berou dech. Jedna ze znacek, ktera vypada skvele a je takovou zlatou stredni cestou je urcite Stand. 

Tak jsem udelala mensi vyber krasnych kousku ve vsech moznych cenovych relacich.


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